Saturday, September 23, 2023

Cruz Supporters Hit Back at Socialist Dinner Disruptors

‘No—you can’t eat in peace—your politics are an attack on all of us…’

Sen. Ted Cruz/IMAGE: Smash Racism DC via Twitter

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Seething over yet another outrageous boundary of civility crossed by militant leftist activists, Ted Cruz supporters may have gone overboard themselves in attacking the restaurant that Cruz and his wife were chased out of on Monday.

Video of the encounter showed a group–clearly not patrons of the posh D.C. Italian restaurant–loudly chanting, getting in the face of Cruz and flipping him off while disrupting the dining experience of everyone there.

White-coated servers are seen holding the door for the Cruzes, and after the Texas senator’s exit, a man with an Italian accent is heard instructing the agitators to “leave the premises; this is a private space.”

The group that posted the video, Smash Racism DC, identifies itself on social media as a branch of Antifa. It attacked Cruz in a series of five discursive and rambling Twitter posts in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, whining about income equality, migrant children, LGBT rights and the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.  “No—you can’t eat in peace—your politics are an attack on all of us,” it began.

Echoing the fallout of an earlier incident in which White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a Lynchburg, Virginia restaurant by its owner, conservative supporters took to crowd-sourcing review site Yelp to vent at the restaurant, Fiola, which is located on Pennsylvania Avenue only a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol and National Mall.

For its part, Fiola responded with a post on its Facebook page, explaining that it tried to act in the best interest of customers’ safety. “Recognizing that there was a potential for escalation and concerned for the safety of all our customers, our management did what they could do to diffuse a difficult situation and, as is our policy, if there is ever an event of this nature, the police were immediately called.”

However, the post added that employees did not intervene more because the wait staff lacked the necessary training to address such a conflict. “We are trained at hospitality not public safety, and our highest priority is always the well-being of our customers.”

While some speculated that the waitstaff may have been complicit in the protest or even tipped the off the protestors, there is no evidence that those with a financial stake in the business, namely owners Fabio and Maria Trabocchi, supported it. A web page for the Trabocchis lists a number of global ‘human rights’ causes they support but also shows them to be pillars of the local business community.

As revealed in a recent video investigation by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas last week, activist radicals have used increasingly sophisticated, subversive and sinister ways of tracking and stalking both public figures and private citizens.

The group that Project Veritas has most focused on exposing in its series of four “deep state” investigations so far is the DC Democratic Socialists of America.

According to the Smash Racism DC Twitter, DCDSA members also were involved in the Cruz protest.

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