Friday, March 24, 2023
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Chuck Todd Shrugs Off FBI Double-Standard on Trump, Biden Docs

'This is not some sort of proof that somehow they’ve weaponized and are playing politics over here... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) In a contentious interview on NBC’s Meet the Press Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, argued vehemently with NBC News host Chuck Todd regarding the respective investigations into the FBI’s partisan handling of former President Donald Trump‘s and President Joe Biden‘s removal of classified documents from office.

The heated exchange began when Jordan accused the FBI of meddling in political affairs on behalf of the left and its woke agenda, the Daily Wire reported.

When is the FBI just going to stay out of the election process? Just let we the people decide, let the American people decide,” Jordan said.

“In 2016 they spied on Trump’s campaign. 2018 was the Mueller investigation. 2020 they helped suppress the Hunter Biden story. 2022 they raid the home of a former president 91 days before election. Maybe let the American people decide,” he added.

Jordan’s claims sent Todd into a tirade, in which he defended the FBI tooth and nail.

This was not some sort of — you paint it as a picture of the FBI did this, this, and this within hours of each other when it was actually a year and a half of Donald Trump not complying with any of the requests from National Archives. A year and a half. This is not some sort of proof that somehow they’ve weaponized and are playing politics over here,” Todd said. 

But for Jordan, the FBI’s partisan angle is well illustrated by their radically different treatment of Trump and Biden, the former being on the receiving end of a militarized raid, and the latter being treated gently by his Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

They raided Trump’s home. They haven’t raided Biden’s home,” Jordan noted. “The issue is equal treatment under the law.”

According to Todd, however, Biden’s compliance with his friends and allies in the Justice Department gives cause for the favorable treatment that he has received.

“Because Biden didn’t defy a subpoena, congressman. He defied a subpoena. By the time he had 60 days to comply with the subpoena before they actually executed the search warrant,” Todd said.

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