Friday, January 27, 2023
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China Using TikTok to Promote Drug Use, Violence in Attempt to Destroy America

'This really is an attempt to undermine and actually even overthrow the U.S. government...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Author and senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute Gordon Chang claimed that China is using TikTok to promote violence and drug use among Americans, in an attempt to weaken the government.

According to the Daily Wire, Chang responded to comments from Fox News host Jason Caffetz about China’s claims that it has legitimate concerns.

“Well, first of all, China doesn’t have legitimate concerns. It’s not a legitimate state,” Chang said. “And we should stop treating it as such, because as you say, it is committing genocide, crimes against humanity, it deliberately spread COVID-19 beyond its borders — that 6.7 million people outside of China who have died from a disease that should have never left the central part of that country.”

“Clearly, China is engaging in a series of acts which are destructive not only toward the United States, but the international community as a whole,” he added.

Later in the interview, Chaffetz and Chang discussed the recent discovery that Chinese company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, spied on several American journalists and uses the app to collect Americans data.

Chang came back at Chaffetz, and said that was the least of his concerns for America, and the social media app also promotes drug use, violence and Chinese propaganda.

“It is actually more serious that it is using the TikTok algorithm to disseminate Chinese propaganda, glorifying drug use, promoting violence on American streets, and this year, disseminating Russian narratives about the Ukraine war,” he continued.

“So this really is an attempt to undermine and actually even overthrow the U.S. government,” he added. “And why we permit it? I don’t know. India banned TikTok, we should do the same thing.”

The social media platform also interfered in the 2020 and 2022 elections, giving Democrats a boost.

There have also been questions of the safety of children on the platform, with the company facing a $29 million fine in the United Kingdom over failure to protect a child from harmful content.

Congress has moved to ban the app from all government devices; several Republican Governors are already taking steps to do so.

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