Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Biden’s Treasury and HHS Play Race Cards for Climate Change, Equity

'Climate change does not affect all of us the same way... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Falling in line with Vice President Kamala Harris’s pronouncement that natural disaster relief and humanitarian aide should be distributed based on race, the Biden administration’s Health and Human Services has announced it will tackle climate change by focusing on so-called equity.

Not to be outdone, the Treasury Department announced inaugural members for its Advisory Committee on Racial Equity, charged with providing “advice and recommendations” on “efforts to advance racial equity in the economy and address acute disparities for communities of color.”

The Treasury advisory committee will be chaired by former Philadelphia Democrat Mayor Michael Nutter, while rabid defund the police advocate and race peddler Felicia Wong will serve as vice-chair.

Wong, who is CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, has long claimed that divisive policies based on race and cultural must be aggressively implemented across the board, declaring that policymakers should “center race” in every decision.

She is a huge backer of BLM rioters, defunding police and abolishing capitalism in favor of racial socialism. Wong can afford the Ivory Tower wisdom, while pulling down a cushy $300,000 in compensation from the Roosevelt Institute.

“Because our racial disparities are so severe across all elements of the American economy and society, no policy, even if facially race-neutral, is race-neutral in practice,” Wong wrote in a Roosevelt Institute report.

“The design of all policy proposals — big and small — must be attentive to racial outcomes. All policy, from vaccine distribution to higher education funding to tax reform, will have racialized effects.”

The Treasury’s new committee vice-chair is also a big fan of reparations, claiming that “an honest reckoning of America’s legacy of white supremacy and violence, followed by concrete, reparative action to redress those harms” is needed.

In Biden’s bidding war for wokeness, the HHS saw the Treasury’s equity and raised it a dose of global warming alarmism.

The HHS, with its massive $2-trillion budget, recently unveiled its new Office of Climate Change and Health Equity’s mission to help “disadvantaged” groups that would allegedly be most affected by climate change, reported Fox News.

Equating the office’s mission to insult minorities by presuming they can’t handle climate change without the government’s help, to the fight to eradicate polio and establish sanitations standards, woke bureaucrats pledged to meet the latest charge “with a swift and sustained public health response.”

“Climate change does not affect all of us the same way,” lectured John Balbus, interim director of the newest climate equity scheme.

“Just as unsanitary urban settings at the turn of the 20th century primarily affected low-income and immigrant communities, climate change likewise often hurts disadvantaged groups most,” he wrote.

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, blasted the latest HHS climate and equity ploy when it was originally proposed.

“This office has absolutely NOTHING to do with HHS’ mission and in fact THREATENS healthcare providers’ ability to provide quality care,” Roy tweeted.

“This administration has shamefully sought to expand the role bloated federal agencies already play in the lives of Americans by injecting climate hysteria into every aspect of government.”

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