Wednesday, June 12, 2024

JD Vance Flattens Dem. Tim Ryan in Ohio Senate Debate

'This guy is the biggest fan of Pharma and he's the biggest fan of illegal Pharma, which is the Mexican drug cartels that are bringing this poison into our country... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan’s scandalous pocketing of campaign cash from Big Pharma tied to the opioid crisis that has crippled his state came back to haunt him during a debate Monday with Republican challenger JD Vance, in a race for a Senate seat that has national implications.

When he wasn’t renewing his threats to “kill and confront” MAGA Republicans, including his Trump-endorsed opponent, Ryan was furiously trying to explain away his support of egregious policy decisions that have plagued his state and the nation.

When Ryan tried to defend his radical position on late-term abortion, tied to the controversial case of a 10-year-old girl who was raped, Vance unloaded on multiple fronts. While Vance reiterated his view that the girl should have been able to receive an abortion, he said the tragic case should have never reached that point.

“Why was a 10-year-old girl raped in our community, raped in our state, in the first place?” Ryan asked.

“The thing the media and Congressman Ryan, they talk about this all the time, the thing they never mention is that poor girl was raped by an illegal alien, somebody that should have never been in this state in the first place.

“You voted so many times against border wall funding, so many times for amnesty, Tim,” accused Vance, as Ryan stared with a pallid expression into empty space.

“If you had done your job, she would have never been raped in the first place,” Vance said. “Do your job on border security, don’t lecture me about opinions I don’t actually have.”

It went downhill from there for Ryan, when Vance obliterated the malignant misinformation the Ryan campaign has been spreading to smear his challenger’s charity work.

“If you’re in Ohio and you’ve seen these ridiculous commercials that Tim Ryan runs, telling dishonest lies about my nonprofit organization,” Vance said, “it’s paid by pharmaceutical blood money, because the very same corporations that caused this poison to come into this country in the first place have funded your campaign to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.”

“Why are the people who have gotten rich off the opioid epidemic funding Tim Ryan and attacking me?” Vance asked.

“The answer is obvious, because this guy is the biggest fan of Pharma and he’s the biggest fan of illegal Pharma, which is the Mexican drug cartels that are bringing this poison into our country.”

It went equally bad for the incumbent Democrat when he tried to peddle claims that he supports Ohio’s blue-collar workers.

The 10-year swamp dwelling Ryan will likely want to retune his message, or at least hire a better fabulist comms team, if Democrats hope he can pull off what is a razor-thin race to flip the seat of retiring retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman.

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