Saturday, December 2, 2023

Biden’s SOTU Warm-up Flops at Black History Month Celebration

'And when folks vote, they order what they want, and in this case they got what they asked for... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) The Biden administration has pulled out all the stops trying to set the stage for their aged and confused leader’s State of the Union address, from conveniently dropping mask mandates and gaslighting the public about the effectiveness of his handling the Ukraine crisis, to hiding him away in his Delaware retreat and erecting a giant fence around the Capitol grounds.

None of which will likely help. At a warm-up for President Joe Biden’s big speech Tuesday, the first-stringers from Team White House fumbled as hosts for an event to celebrate black history month, leaving a dazed head coach stiff-leg limping off the field as he ignored questions about trifling subjects like the potential for nuclear war.

The event was, from the start, jarringly jumbled and only deteriorated into deeper farce, which would qualify as good slapstick humor if it wasn’t coming from what has devolved into the Chuck E. Cheese White House.

First Lady Jill Biden, appropriately, made the first blunder, or maybe just a Freudian slip, when she introduced Kamala Harris as “the president of the United States.”

“I just said that to make you laugh,” Dr. Jill tittered.

Russian mob boss Vladimir Putin was surely good for a chuckle or two, and he was probably doubled-over in guffaws by what followed when the recently-promoted Harris decided to go rogue.

“Because we all know, elections matter,” Harris said, after referencing Biden’s racist pick for Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“And when folks vote, they order what they want, and in this case they got what they asked for,” Harris chortled.

“I went off script a little bit,” she conceded through her rictus grin.

Putin’s grin likely stretched even wider, and the main act hadn’t even hit the stage.

Biden performed like he always does, telling whoppers and twisting his lying words into knots.

“We’re protecting our country’s threshold of liberty, the sacred right to vote, which I’ve never seen as under such attack,” Biden shucked.

“You know, it’s always made it harder for blacks to vote, but this is trying to be able to figure out how to keep the black vote when it occurs from even counting,” said the man who recently launched into a Stalinist rant on how voter reform laws are about who gets to count the votes and how he should be the one to do the counting.

Along with the usual obfuscation came the disturbingly more frequent mental lapses and signs of cognitive decline. In the mist of a particularly unsettling brain fog, Biden struggled to recall the name of UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, currently tasked with handling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

So, maybe, it’s a name the commander-in-chief should remember.


To make an already worrisome display of incoherence even worse, Biden couldn’t seem to recall the name of his promised black female nominee for Supreme Court, taking multiple shots before rattling one in off the rim.

This is the same president who is set to hobble his way through a State of the Union address Tuesday, when he will try to stay alert enough to assuage the public that he is of sound mind, laser focused on convincing voters why they’re totally wrong that the angst they’re feeling and hardships they’re suffering have anything to do with the myriad calamities his radical policies have created in just over a year.

No wonder there’s a huge wall surrounding the Capitol.

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