Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Befuddled Biden Unaware of ‘Historic’ Press Conference

'Thank you very much Mr. President, I think it's time for our friends in the press to leave though...'

President Joe Biden on Thursday was poised to make history—for all the wrong reasons—by holding his first press conference since becoming president.

The more than two-month lag long ago outpaced his recent predecessors, who all held them within a month of taking office.

To find a less accessible president, one would have to go back more than a century, at least, according to recent reports.

Unfortunately, on the cusp of his dubious milestone, the 78-year-old leader seemed unaware of his own itinerary, the Gateway Pundit reported.

During a Wednesday meeting to discuss the ongoing border crisis (for which Biden baselessly blamed former president Donald Trump), the president was oblivious of the highly anticipated media event.

When asked about his preparations, Biden replied “What press conference?”

His befuddlement only grew from there, with Biden asking his chief of staff, Ron Klain, whom he should turn it over to next.

Klain quickly moved to dismiss the media who were present.

Amid more than a dozen policy disasters, Biden’s own senility is becoming one of the top concerns.

Long notorious for his gaffes, Biden’s level of confusion has become difficult to ignore, even as his handlers try to limit access to heavily scripted and ceremonious occasions.

Speculation about his physical health grew after he stumbled three times last Friday on the stairs to Air Force One.

Such concerns arose during the 2020 campaign but were long downplayed by leftist media who were determined to oust the incumbent Trump.

Biden spent much of the campaign ‘Zooming’ in remote appearances from the basement of his home in Delaware, citing the coronavirus pandemic as his pretense while Trump hit the road to conduct massive, boisterous rallies.

Many fear that if he were unable to finish his term, the last traces of bipartisanship would be abandoned under radical Vice President Kamala Harris.

For several years, Democrats have floated the possibility of using the 25th Amendment as a new impeachment work-around, after failing twice to convict Trump.

Theoretically, that would require Biden to be declared unfit for office by his own Cabinet, although the practical and legal implications remain unclear since it has never before been invoked.

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