Thursday, November 30, 2023

SELLERS: Analysis of Biden’s Insane Agenda Reveals Sinister Power-Grab Scheme

'Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow...'

It seems the pundit class is beginning to detect something distinctly Cloward–Piven about President Joe Biden‘s apparent master plan.

For the unacquainted, the eponymous activists were the ’60s-era precursors to Saul Alinsky. Their social-engineering theory posited that the path to a far-left takeover involved orchestrating a massive crisis so that the government could step in and forcibly fix it.

Figures like Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome, far-left Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, CNN hack Don Lemon and, of course, “Squad” leader Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez were among those who deployed dog-whistle rhetoric last year about “burning down” the system.

At the time, it seemed merely to be inciting pre-election violence and threatening what would happen in the event of an unfavorable outcome.

Or perhaps it was a promise—a beacon to Marxist subversives on the front lines in cities like Portland and Seattle that “help is on the way.”

Biden answered with the slogan “Build Back Better.” But, for now, he appears to be dousing everything with gasoline.

It’s hard not to wonder if last year’s controlled chaos was only the test case for what lies ahead.


To recap just some of the shoddy policies and dubious events now in the news cycle:

  • The border disaster, which already has far eclipsed anything deemed a “crisis” by the Obama and Trump administrations
  • Diplomatic humiliation at the hands of both China and Russia
  • Rapidly rising gas and food costs, along with growing inflation
  • The COVID “relief” bill that was 90% Democrat pork, while sneaking in billions in tax hikes and a clause preventing states from tax cuts
  • The rise in cancel culture, alongside a push toward “critical race” indoctrination in academic, corporate and government institutions
  • Democrats’ increasing reliance on race-baiting to redirect (or suppress) discussion on partisan objectives such as DC statehood and eliminating the filibuster
  • Advancement of the controversial HR1 election overhaul, which would secure permanent majorities for Democrats by eliminating vote-fraud safeguards
  • Mass-shootings in Atlanta, Ga., and Boulder, Colo.—the first of which, Biden seemed to predict with an ominous warning about rising anti-Asian assaults
  • A coronavirus super-spreader event in Miami Beach, recent global spikes and ongoing hints from Anthony Fauci about another wave that would send us back into lock-down
  • A refusal by radical leftist prosecutors—many backed by billionaire George Soros—to enforce the law when dealing with violent criminals, even as federal authorities detain conservative political dissidents indefinitely over a Jan. 6 pro-Trump uprising
  • An unprecedented lack of transparency from elected leaders, including Biden’s avoidance of press and public addresses, a clampdown on access to migrant detainment centers, and persistent military presence around the US Capitol
  • A still compliant and obsequious mainstream media that continues to blatantly gaslight, spin and promote disinformation about all of the above, while censoring any criticism


We are past the point of puzzling over whether the career politician currently sitting behind a pile of executive orders at the Resolute Desk—with no clue what he’s signing—is an empty vessel.

We even know, for the most part, who Biden’s masters are. Barring some SPECTRE-like operation that has eluded detection in a secret lair, you need only follow the money and motives.

Still, there is something unsettling about the confirmation of what once seemed a conspiracy theorist’s worst-case-scenario: that leftists are openly trying to short-sell American democracy and strong-arm the country into accepting—or even embracing—a globalist oligarchy that we never consented to.

The alternative—that the amateurish Biden administration came in with no plan before unleashing havoc in the span of only two months—simply does not align with empirical wisdom.

But precisely how does this seemingly random series of catastrophes fit together? Where is it all leading? And how much is left to chance?

These remain jarring questions for a growing number of Americans who—despite all its flaws—had sort of grown attached to the US Constitution.


Writing for the NOQReport last week, editor-in-chief JD Rucker offered a theory as to how some of these disparate dominoes might begin the cascade.

The premise was that Democrats in the evenly-divided Senate currently lack the political clout to push through their most audacious agenda items, including sweeping gun-control, court-packing and the HR1 election bill.

Therefore, they need somehow to sway public sentiment into backing their bid to end the filibuster by making it seem like freezing out the last vestige of two-party power-sharing—which often worked to their benefit in the Trump years—is now a political imperative.

Although they might be able to wrest party holdouts Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona from their supposedly iron-clad agreement with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., doing so would be a bad look for the two centrists and other red/purplish-state Democrats.

In fact, it could jeopardize at least four vulnerable Democrat Senate spots in the 2022 election: Georgia’s Raphael Warnock, Arizona’s Mark Kelly, New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan and Colorado’s Michael Bennet.

The former two, Warnock and Kelly, won special elections last year (amid considerable “flukes”) to replace GOP departures Johnny Isakson and the late John McCain, respectively, by ousting the GOP governor-appointed incumbents in states that are, arguably, still in the red column.

If the Biden policy failures spilled over into 2022, they would be the first of the low-hanging fruit to be picked off.

Meanwhile, Hassan and Bennet represent states with strong blue tendencies that occasionally buck the trend.

It would take a serious political upheaval to unseat them. But such an avenue could exist if Democrats execute their filibuster plan under the wrong conditions.

Both senators signed a bipartisan 2017 agreement early in the Trump presidency that was widely touted as a bid to “save” the filibuster.

“This letter demonstrates that a majority of the Senate, both Republicans and Democrats, can come together to protect an important tradition of the Senate that recognizes the rights of the minority and makes bipartisan legislation more likely,” wrote Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, in the letter, which was cosponsored by Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del.

Coons—incidentally—is also up for re-election in 2022. However, the longtime Biden loyalist (who chose to “stand idly by” as the then-vice president whispered sweet nothings to his 13-year-old daughter) has already backpedaled on his pledge to preserve the bipartisan pact he cosponsored.


A net gain of even a single Senate seat for Republicans after Democrats eliminated the filibuster would, of course, be another disaster for the Biden administration—particularly if Republicans were able also to recapture the House.

Thus, according to Rucker’s theory, Democrats instead may continue to milk the threat of ending the filibuster until the right “crisis” comes along.

Rucker proved remarkably prescient when two gun-violence episodes erupted recently in potential 2022 swing states—Georgia and Colorado—just as the filibuster push seemed to be losing momentum.

Granted, neither attack perfectly fit the narrative the Left hoped to plant. The pair of 21-year-old assailants comprised a sexually frustrated massage-parlor patron and an Islamic, anti-Trump extremist with mental-health issues.

Nonetheless, with the bodies still warm, a tone-deaf Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., dove into the debate with yet another pitch to end the filibuster.

Seeing an increasingly jaded, weary and deeply divided public, the outrage level still may not be enough for many senators to take the plunge.

Yet, another “event” may be in the works—much as last summer’s George Floyd riots piggybacked on existing indignation over the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

It would be irresponsible to suggest that Democrats were deliberately plotting any of these horrific abuses, so I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

But look to bluish cities in vulnerable, reddish states—perhaps those with sizable Asian populations (Morgantown, W.Va.; Manchester, N.H.; Chandler, Ariz.,)—as places where an apparent “white-supremacist” massacre would be quite politically advantageous and convenient for power-hungry Democrats at the moment.

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