Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Biden Torched for Insulting Maui Fire Victims w/ Shameless Cash Offer

'Enjoy your $700 stimmy while inflation is flying and gas is at $5 a gallon for regular on Maui. Hope it lasts more than a few days! ... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) Already reeling from intense backlash to his heartless reaction to the devastating and deadly wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, President Joe Biden rubbed salt into the wound with what was widely decried as an insulting monetary offer to survivors of the disaster.

Biden boasted on social media that his administration was “laser-focused on getting aid to survivors, including Critical Needs Assistance: a one-time $700 payment per household offering relief during an unimaginably difficult time.”

Critics were quick to note that the regime’s claim of “laser focus” with a $700 payoff was particularly outrageous as Biden was simultaneously doling out another $200 million to Ukraine.

“Billions in property damage, many lives lost, livelihoods ruined and the best the president can do is $700,” wrote an incredulous Collin Rugg. “Maui should just change their island name to Ukraine at this point.”

The gross funding disparity prompted Western Journal’s Bryan Chai to ask, “But how in the world can you justify $200 million to non-Americans and a fraction of that to devastated American households? How can Biden dare mention that ‘every asset we have will be available’ to the survivors of the Maui wildfires when that clearly and brazenly isn’t the case?”

The insult grew worse when the pittance being tossed to the tragedy’s survivors was compared to the total funding package of an additional $25 billion being chased for Ukraine, “or 500x the money that is being offered to Maui,” wrote The Dossier’s Jordan Schachtel.

“No, sadly, this is not a joke. The tweet came from the official White House account,” he wrote of Biden’s post on X, formerly Twitter.

“And that’s it for now, Jack! Zelensky and the gang need F-16s, after all. Enjoy your $700 stimmy while inflation is flying and gas is at $5 a gallon for regular on Maui. Hope it lasts more than a few days!”

That could prove a challenge, as Maui residents suffer along with the rest of the nation under Bidenomics. With inflation continuing its crippling pace and consumer prices soaring, “the typical American household spent $709 more in July than they did two years ago to buy the same goods and services, according to Moody’s Analytics,” CNN reported over the weekend.

Biden’s insurrectionist press secretary didn’t help matters when she declined to confirm if the president could even be bothered to visit the decimated Maui landscape, and managed to mangle the name of one Hawaii’s U.S. senators and misgendered the other.

Biden’s latest round of insults and show of contempt for Maui survivors followed his callous initial response, when he offered a curt “no comment” on the tragedy while enjoying yet another leisurely beach vacation.


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