Saturday, June 22, 2024

Apple Helps China Suppress Massive Anti-Xi Protests

'At this point, Apple is in no sense American. Apple's loyalty is to the government of China...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Woke mega-corporation Apple has aided China’s communist regime in putting down the massive protests against chairman Xi Jinping taking place across the far-east nation, Reclaim the Net reported.

Apple, which once fancied itself a symbol of American innovation, has become an instrument of the Chinese Communist Party and its branch in Washington, D.C.

Specifically, Apple turned off the “air drop” feature on its phones, which protesters were using to share private messages to organize themselves.

Air drops had allowed people to communicate without the fear of censorship or government oversight.

The software was also being used to spread protest literature.

Apple’s adjustment occurred only on mainland China. Everywhere else throughout the world iPhone customers may use it the same as before.

According to the company, “this update includes bug fixes and security updates and is recommended for all users,” while in reality it undermines protests against totalitarian regimes to which Apple is beholden.

Xi has shown so far that he is unafraid to put down protests with brutal force, bringing tanks into the streets of China’s urban centers, The Sun reported.

State police officers have also flooded the streets, violently punishing any who dissent from the regime.

In response to the violence, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson wrote a scathing op-ed about Apple’s involvement with the CCP, condemning the tech giant and its woke CEO Tim Cook.

“In fact, at this point, Apple is in no sense American. Apple’s loyalty is to the government of China and if you think that’s an overstatement, consider this,” Carlson wrote.

“Apple did the bidding of the Chinese government to crush domestic protests against the Communist Party there,” he continued. “… Why did Apple disable that feature in China? Well, because that feature, permanent AirDrop, allows iPhone users to communicate directly with one another without using the internet or cellular networks—both of which in a totalitarian state like China, are controlled by the government, and that means that without permanent AirDrop, it’s effectively impossible for freedom-minded citizens to organize with one another. They’re powerless.”

He also addressed the outrage in his highly watched primetime show.

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