Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Biden Admin. Spending $5B to Move Native-American Tribes Because of Climate Change

'Every community faces some kind of climate risk and will require federal support in mitigating that risk... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) President Joe Biden, in a remarkable demonstration of reckless federal spending, has given three native-American tribes $75 million because of climate change, and that’s just a downpayment on a total spend that is slated to top $5 billion.

One of the lucky tribes is in Washington State and two others are in Alaska, according to the New York Times

Biden said that these tribes are receiving funding because they are “at risk of being washed away.” The $25 million that each tribe will receive will help the tribes move.

In addition to the $75 million, eight additional tribes will split another $40 million in federal funding to move. In all, upwards of $135 million in federal money is headed to 11 tribal communities in states that also include Arizona, California, Louisiana and Maine to help plan relocate to safe ground, reported the Associated Press.

Some experts predict these expenses are just the start of the world’s most expensive moving services. Samantha L. Montano, an emergency management professor at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, told the NYT that, “Every community faces some kind of climate risk and will require federal support in mitigating that risk.”

“There is no clear plan for how those funding decisions will be made in effective, efficient, or equitable ways.”

Total spending is expected to balloon to at least $5 billion over the next 50 years to help tribes escape climate change, according to the AP.

Those fortunate enough to win the climate panic lottery were understandably happy. A council member of Newtok, one of the subsidized Alaskan villages, Joseph John Jr., said “It gave me goose bumps when I found we got that money.”

The tribes, apparently, require such high funds because their move is forced by “the impact of climate change,” according to a resident of the Bay Mills Indian Community named Mr. Newland.

Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians, said the tribes felt neglected before this cushy relocation package. She said, “For years, our pleas have seemed to fall on deaf ears.” After the massive expenditure, Fawn was finally convinced that “they’re paying attention to us.”

Sharp’s feelings of neglect come as the Bureau of Indian Affairs received a $2.7 billion budget for 2022 from the American people.

The behavior of the First Lady might explain why the White House is paying so much attention to moving the tribes. The president reported, of his wife, “By the way, she spent a lot of time on other reservations – other nations – as well,” according to the Daily Mail.

“I’m worried she’s not going to come home one of these days when she goes.”

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