Friday, December 1, 2023

Abbott Narrowly Clenches Lead in Texas Gov. Race, O’Rourke Facing Backlash from Woke Tactics

The DNC nationwide, however, is facing a massive exodus of Latino voters...

(Preston Parra, Headline USAIncumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbot appears to have a slight challenge in securing his re-election in Texas. New polls by Quinnipiac show him leading with a small margin against his Democrat opponent, the notorious gun-grabbing, flip-flopper Beto O’Rourke

The poll showed O’Rourke leading Abbott with young Texans, women and black voters. 

Following the devastating shooting in Uvalde, Texas, O’Rourke appeared at a community conference held by regional and state leaders, including Abbott, in which O’Rourke made a cheap publicity appearance in the crowd and shouted, “You said this was not predictable, this was predictable, and you choose not to do anything.”

Following his outburst, which outraged most of those in attendance who saw his stunt as a political ploy, officials escorted the Democrat nominee from the premises.

While the Texas governor carries a Trump endorsement and has also been touted for his protection on the southern border, he still seems to be falling short in other areas.

The DNC nationwide, however, is facing a massive exodus of Latino voters, which could play well for the shortcomings of Abbot’s re-election campaign.

Dylan Moreno, who is working on two of the Latino-led campaigns in Texas, called out the Left’s tactics of constant woke propaganda, noting that the “Make America Godly Again movement” was one of the driving forces behind the GOP winning the support of “citizens on both sides of the aisle.”

The typical status quo strategy that the Democrat Party uses in places like California and New York City is facing headwinds in a state made up of a heavy percentage of Latinos that are becoming growingly concerned with the absurd far-left direction that the DNC is heading.

Abbott has until November to tighten the loose ends of his support if he plans on winning his re-election, which might look like playing into the woke weak spots that the O’Rourke campaign refuses to correct.


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