Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Flores, De La Cruz, Luna top GOP Tickets, as Mass Exodus of Latino Voters Plagues DNC

'Hispanics across the nation are tired of the left pushing anti-God policies... '

(Preston Parra, Headline USA) “Drag your kids to pride,” perpetuating racial division via the mainstream media, and the creation of the term LatinX are just small cogs in the metaphorical bulldozing machine pushing traditional-minded Latino voters out of the Democrat Party. 

Historically, Latin-American voters have maintained a close relationship with the DNC through continuous campaign promises and pandering tactics; however, it appears those strategies aren’t working anymore.

The inability to maintain relevance with America’s second largest ethnic group follows a chain of repetitive woke advances by the Democrat Party and several failed attempts to pander to Latinos.

For instance, Jill Biden’s attempt to rally a crowd together by saying “Si se puede” (Yes, we can) instead resulted in a miserably failed gaffe of “Si se podway.”

This news comes as more Latinos find it hard to align themselves with the radical leftist rhetoric and failed policy promises being carried out daily under the current administration. Not to mention, soaring inflation continues to financially drain the already economically-vulnerable Latin communities, which is also a major contributing factor to this mass exodus. 

Even more surprising, an increasingly large number of Latin Americans are running for office on the Republican ticket nationally. Mayra Flores, a Mexican-born American citizen who ran in the 34th congressional district of Texas for a special election to fill a vacated seat, won in a shocking blowout in a Democratically held stronghold.

Mainstream media, as well as typical leftist ploys to entice the minority group, all seem to be doing the opposite, pushing them to run for office on the Republican ticket.

Monica De La Cruz (TX-15), Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13), and previously mentioned Mayra Flores (TX-34) are just a few of those names that Republican voters can expect to see on the ballot this November.

Dylan Moreno, a Latin-American Conservative who has aided in both the Flores & De La Cruz campaigns, stated, “Hispanics across the nation are tired of the left pushing anti-God policies.” he went on to cite that their employment of the “Make America Godly Again movement” helped them motivate and secure “citizens in district 34 on both sides of the aisle.”

So, while there are still uncertainties surrounding how the midterms will play out, one thing seems clear, the DNC is quickly losing its grip on the Latino community and will most likely not be able to maintain its traditional support of the demographic this election cycle.


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