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5 Things the Left Would Rather Not Talk About in the George Floyd Protests

‘We’re going to make [Chicago, 1968] look like a f***ing Girl Scout f***ing cookout…’

5 Things the Left Would Rather Not Talk About in the George Floyd Protests
Minneapolis community members loot the headquarters of Target in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing. / IMAGE: Reuters via YouTube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Three cheers for the end of the coronavirus!

According to most mainstream media sources one would never know that the pandemic, which once threatened to create a ‘new normal’ of permanent social-distancing, was still a threat.

Instead, mass protests—many of them violent—have shifted the health crisis deep into the background, leading some to puzzle over whether the monthslong hysteria and economy-wrecking lockdowns had ever really meant anything beyond driving the news cycle.

The pandemic inconsistency is just one example of how the Left’s shiny, new object of destruction follows in a long line of past awkward attempts to sow chaos during the Trump presidency. (House Democrats’ impeachment hoax, which kicked off 2020, now seems but a distant memory.)

But the current crash-and-burn effort is as doomed to fail as the rest since it is driven by a manipulative emotional response that glosses over many inconvenient truths.

Here are five reasons the implosion seems imminent:

COVID Hypocrisy

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, the former deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee and an accused woman-beater, crowed over his plan to directly supervise the prosecution in the George Floyd case in an announcement Monday.

“I just want to let the public know we are pursuing justice, we are pursuing truth, we are doing it vigorously,” he said, promising to “bring to bear all the resources necessary,” according to Minneapolis’s Star Tribune.

Clearly, the disgraced ex-congressman’s focus on the case—a likely vehicle for his own political ambitions—will draw him away from his earlier crusade of persecuting and bullying restaurant and store owners into complying with lock-down orders.

DNC Chair Ellison Attended Private Dinner w. Iran’s President and Farrakhan
Keith Ellison/Photo by Karen Smith Murphy (CC)

And the reprieve couldn’t have come at a better time since throngs of left-wing protesters began disregarding the lock-down orders, not to save their foundering businesses but to loot other people’s.

Footage of the demonstrations—which began with members of Minneapolis’s black community plundering the headquarters of Target last week and have now spread to nearly every major U.S. city—show, if nothing else, a scofflaw attitude toward the lock-down restrictions still imposed in many blue states.

For rioters committing acts of petty larceny and vandalism, they showed surprisingly little concern about wearing face-mask protection. And forget about the six feet of social-distancing as they went face-to-face with law enforcement.

With a two-week incubation period, the virus may do what police cannot by holding them accountable.

Either way, Democrats will end up losing the optical battle: If, after the window has passed, nothing comes of the riots, then it will vindicate the earlier right-wing demands to reopen the economy and debunk the Left’s claims that safety was its prime consideration in imposing the restrictions.

However, if the riots lead to a second mass outbreak, those same Democrats who egged protesters on—or, at best, stood by tacitly and allowed them to proceed—will be left to deal with the fallout from a far less sympathetic public.

Terrorist Tactics

When dodging the criticisms of their irresponsible behavior, leftists have been quick to point to right-wing demonstrations that opposed the lock-downs, deflecting from their own guilt with the ever-popular tu quoque fallacy.

However, crucial distinctions between the two protests make the Left’s false equivalency that much more difficult to justify.

To begin with, many of the anti-lockdown demonstrations, despite pointedly opposing the regulations, made efforts nonetheless to respect social-distancing mandates.

And apart from a few narrowly executed forms of civil disobedience, one would be hard-pressed to find examples during the earlier protests of criminal behavior that violated the rights of others and added to the continuum of victimization.

Antifa/ IMAGE: Stumptown Matters via Youtube

The difference is as self-evident as the Declaration of Independence’s inalienable rights. And that is not even taking into account the fact that the current protests appear to be a well-coordinated attempt to purposely foment violence.

It is not simply that things have gotten out of hand in the heat of the moment. Rather, it appears that professional rioters have hijacked the movement, and that the goal itself is the violence.

Some outlets, such as USA Today, noted the prevalence of radical, mostly white anarchists during the late-night demonstrations.

Others have wondered why pallets of bricks seem to be turning up at the sites of protests from out of nowhere.

And while the law-abiding patriots who wielded firearms at the Michigan state capital in April did so without committing any harm, more than 50 Secret Service members were harmed on Sunday night during the leftist protests near the White House.

It is little wonder President Donald Trump has moved to declare Antifa a domestic terrorist group given its presence in the demonstrations.

Blue State Culpability

Similar to the coronavirus, the riots are relegated largely to those high-density blue areas that will tolerate such flagrant criminal activity.

As a result, while the acts of theft, arson and vandalism may be an affront to all Americans, they are predominantly self-inflicted wounds for the Left.

There are, of course, the unintended consequences—such as the fact that the black community, for all of its recent anti-police protests, maintains a symbiotic relationship with law-enforcement and relies on police to protect crime-laden, minority-prevalent neighborhoods.

The protests also have further set back the economic recovery in urban inner-cities by looting and destroying the businesses that drive its commerce, just as many fear a mass-eviction crisis may be looming.

Gretchen Whitmer/PHOTO: Michigan Office of the Governor

And that’s when the protestors aren’t busy wreaking havoc on sites of explicitly left-wing interest—including the CNN headquarters in Atlanta; the AFL–CIO offices in Washington, DC; the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro, NC; and the offices of authoritarian Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

It’s fitting, however, that they be targeting those sites since Floyd’s death at the hands of police happened on the watch of Democrat leaders at nearly every level.

Already mentioned was Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who played a prominent role in the Democratic National Committee before falling from grace.

Among the other Gopher State left-wingers whose policies failed to prevent the Memorial Day tragedy from befalling their constituencies:

  • US Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith
  • US Rep. Ilhan Omar (whose district encompasses Minneapolis)
  • Gov. Tim Walz
  • Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
  • Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, who bears the distinction of being the first black person to serve in that role

A Dubious Track-Record

Despite the litany of Democrats who failed on the job, those on the Left much prefer to focus on the very top, taking aim at President Donald Trump with desperate finger-pointing attempts to blame him for the racial unrest.

To nobody’s surprise, perennial Trump-basher Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.—who boasted during impeachment proceedings that she had been calling for it months before the alleged “crime” occurred—was among the early adopters in the latest “blame 45” narrative.

While Waters claimed Trump had emboldened police officer Derek Chauvin to kneel on Floyd’s neck while ignoring the throng of people recording him and shouting for him to get off, her claim is complicated by the long line of police killings and massive race riots that transpired during the Obama years.

FEC Complaint Filed Against Rep. Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters/Photo by mark6mauno (CC)

Those episodes—in cites like Ferguson, Mo.; New York; Baltimore; Baton Rouge; Houston; Charleston, SC; and Berkeley, Calif.—may even have helped Trump in his campaign efforts,  his promises to be strong on “law and order” standing in stark contrast with the tepid, hands-off responses of his predecessor.

The riots during the last few years of his presidency also tarnished Obama’s self-declared legacy as a ‘post-racial’ president, revealing him to have done little more than widen the gap in race-relations through his divisive rhetoric and policies.

But worse yet, the current race-baiting demagoguery by Waters and others may offer little benefit in the upcoming election given that presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden has faced countless racial scandals of his own.

The most recent was Biden’s comments in the days leading up to Floyd’s killing that if African–American voters had difficulty choosing between him and Trump, “you ain’t really black.”

Although white liberals are eager to rush in and capitalize on the opportunity to condemn the current president, their long history of racism and past failures in bridging the divide make the self-righteous indignation seem not only disingenuous, but also a bit exploitative and self-serving—which is often the case.

False-Flag Speculation?

In an era where the Christine Blasey Ford, Obamagate and Russia-collusion hoaxes have come to define the political discourse—and where even pop-culture memes center around whether Jeffrey Epstein killed himself and the Tiger King was framed—it is difficult to rule out conspiracy theories that once might have been deemed unthinkable.

At face value, the protests in response to Floyd’s killing appear to be yet another politically motivated rallying cry to mobilize leftist dissent and discontent—not toward the objectives of racial justice and equality, but rather of permanent Democrat majorities offering them carte blanche to pursue a radical agenda that benefits an elite few.

Coincidentally, in early 2019, Liberty Headlines prognosticated, based on available evidence at the time, that a catalyzing event such as a race riot might give former First Lady Michelle Obama the pretense she needed to enter the 2020 presidential race.

Until the votes are all counted, anything could happen yet in the high-stakes November election, where the beleaguered Biden, in an apparent state of cognitive decline, faces the incumbent Trump with a huge fundraising deficit and enthusiasm gap.

Michelle Obama / IMAGE: When We All Vote

Democrats also seemed to be anticipating a riot of some kind.

Shortly before the coronavirus derailed the US economy, far-left Bernie Sanders supporters already were drawing comparisons between the upcoming conventions and the 1968 Chicago convention where Democrats faced violent protests.

“We’re going to make it look like a f***ing Girl Scout f***ing cookout,” one Sanders campaign field organizer ominously promised in a Project Veritas undercover exposé.

“The cops are going to be the ones that are getting f***ing beaten in Milwaukee,” said Kyle Jurek. “They’re going to call out the National Guard for that s**t, I promise you that.”

Considering Floyd’s death was publicly witnessed and recorded, a hoax seems unlikely.

However, with Ellison leading the prosecution it is even less likely that Chauvin’s murder trial will delve into whether he may have been extorted or otherwise coerced to casually kill a man in plain sight with his hands in his pockets the entire time.

So, was there foul play involved to give Democrats an electoral advantage?

In the words of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey: “It’s possible.

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