WATCH: Media Ignores Shocking Video of Black Police Officer Strangling Suspect

‘He can’t breathe. He can’t breathe. He is not able to breathe. He is shaking, sir. He can’t breath…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) As leftist media outlets fixated on George Floyd‘s death, they neglected to cover another episode of police brutality that does not fit neatly into their racially divisive narrative.
A video clip from May 22 shows a black police officer, Myron Smith, in Jackson, Mississippi holding a black man by the throat and pushing him against a car, Jackson Free Press reported.
“Make me, make me, I say, make me,” Smith said to the man.

During the struggle, a woman repeatedly says, “He can’t breathe. He can’t breathe. He is not able to breathe. He is shaking, sir. He can’t breath.”
Smith responded, “Ma’am, do you see my hands? I am not even choking him.”
The woman tries to intervene, and Smith said, “Get off me! I said get off me!”
Other people who witnessed the fight pleaded with Smith to release the young man.
“What did I tell you to do, what did I tell you to do? When I told you to leave, what are you out here doing?” Smith said to the man.
Jackson Police Chief James Davis put Smith on administrative leave while Internal Affairs conducts an investigation of the incident.
It is unclear what sparked the conflict between Smith and the man.
Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba said his administration will focus on building trust between police officers and citizens in the community.
“This administration is clear that we are trying to build an approach to public safety that is about trust, collaboration, and integrity. Any actions that do not reflect those principles have no place in the City of Jackson,” Lumumba said.


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