Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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X-Rated School Scavenger Hunt for Condoms Alarms Parents

'Schools are bastardizing childhood innocence with these assignments... '

(Abdul–Rahman Oladimeji Bello, Headline USA) Ramona Bessinger, a Rhodes Island English school teacher, recently raised the alarm about a X-rated caliber workbook for children in public schools

According to Ramona, the workbook, which contains numerous pages of sexually explicit content, is being used in public middle- and high schools across the United States, all without the parents’ knowledge. 

As reported by the Epoch Times, Ramona explained that these schools have been able to keep this knowledge from parents as they fall under a category tagged “consumables.”

She explained, “Consumables live on shelves in the classroom. Students do not take them home and once they complete an assignment, their teacher tears the worksheet out of the book, reviews it, grades it, and then throws it away.” 

After revealing this information on national TV and publicly criticizing the inappropriate materials used to teach underage children, Ramona was suspended from her teaching job at Providence schools. 

However, she noted that she still had a right to speak on these inappropriate issues as a parent and has consistently advocated against the woke ideology adopted in schools recently.

In similar news, Ramona spoke to the Epoch Times about a particular assignment tagged “Condom Hunt,” where students received directions to “research the availability of condoms from a local store or other resources.” 

The workbook directs the students to list the types of condoms they found while researching at stores, alongside numerous inappropriate questions about this unusual hunt.

Nicole Solas, a Rhode Island parent and a senior affiliate at the Independent Women’s Forum, spoke against this. 

“If I was walking down an aisle of some place like CVS and seeing a teenager with a clipboard holding a paper that says Condom Hunt, I’d probably ask them if they were being trafficked or in some kind of trouble and do they need help,” she said. “Schools are bastardizing childhood innocence with these assignments.”

Finally, Nicole and Ramona revealed that the X-rated workbook is being used nationwide following a directive from both state and federal levels, to which Dan Kleinman, also a parent, asked, “What next—fentanyl hunts?”

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