Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Woke Left Effectively Bans Christians Kids from Summer Traditions

'What we weren’t told was that letting homosexuals out of the closet would require stuffing all the children and Christians inside... '

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) As American culture continues to careen down the slippery slope, the groomer mentality has effectively eliminated the participation of Christian children in summer activities like camp, book clubs and more.

In an op-ed by Joy Pullmann of The Federalist, she discussed how constantly shielding her children from the gender ideology movement has put the squeeze on their summer social lives.

Pullmann introduced the idea by discussing an email she received from her local 4-H club.

“This email was signed by a 4-H staffer who put pronouns in his signature and told me, ‘Youth are assigned cabins based on gender indicated on the 4-H camp application and registration,” suggesting children were roomed by gender identity rather than sex.'”

Understandably, she was concerned for her son and daughter being exposed to “an emotionally disturbed camper or counselor.”

After confirming that she was understanding the email correctly, she declined to enroll her children in camp for the summer.

Continuing, she described having issues at her public library as well.

“I cannot take my children to the public library anymore, either, because the shelves are so full of pornographic and hostile books that it’s not a safe place for them,” Pullmann wrote.

“There, too, self-righteous LGBT activism has resulted in effectively banning my children from yet another public place and weaponizing my own tax dollars against my children’s safety.”

Many publicly-funded activities geared towards children—summer camps, libraries and even swim lessons—have all been taken by the LGBT mafia.

“Many of our major public and private institutions are making the public square completely hostile to a happy childhood and faith. Their “solution” to alleged bigotry was institutionalizing actual bigotry,” Pullmann concluded.

“What we weren’t told was that letting homosexuals out of the closet would require stuffing all the children and Christians inside.”

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