Saturday, September 23, 2023

Woke Backlash Plunges Disney Stock to Worse Drop in 21 Yrs.

'There is an increasing desire by our investor base to make sure there is something there, there, to get something out of it... '

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) After a string of media flops and public backlash over the increasingly groomer-friendly and radical trans themes of its offerings, an ultra-woke Disney took a major financial hit.

The leftist Mouse’s stock price plummeted this week and suffered its worst drop in over two decades, according to Breitbart.

Disney has been suffering losses with Disney+, its streaming service, but assured investors that a price hike and added-tier options would stem the loss, reported Axios.

That didn’t prevent the company’s share from tumbling an additional 13% in trading on Wednesday, adding to an overall 44% plunge this year so far.

“There is an increasing desire by our investor base to make sure there is something there, there, to get something out of it,” Disney chief Bob Chapek said. “Our investors expect us to have a return on that investment.”

Breitbart reported that Disney lost $1.5 billion on its streaming services Disney+ and Hulu. Even though the company announced an uptick in subscribers for both of these platforms, the losses were still coming.

To get more money and cover the losses, the streaming services decided to include commercials.

“The company’s streaming services have increased to more than 235 million as of October 1 — exceeding Netflix’s 223 million subscribers,” Breitbart reported.

“Both Disney+ and Netflix are in the midst of rolling out ad-supported options for consumers in the hopes that commercials will not only provide another source of revenue but also bring customers looking to cut costs.”

The strategy hasn’t seemed to help, with Disney shares continuing to sink and Mickey’s taint of LGBT radicalism scaring away longtime investors who were previously high on the Mouse.

“In June, the stock closed below $100, marking the first time that had happened in more than two years. It is now a tick below $95 as of Nov. 11,” Breitbart reported.

Earlier this year, Abigail Disney, an heiress of the empire, said that parents who want to protect their children from the sexual propaganda that the company is spewing are just “radical ideologues.”

The Mouse mafia has aggressively pushed a product to prove their commitment to the LGBT cult, including launching a “pride” collection line of kids’ toys. Disney has also promoted the “trans” doctrine in both its products and its parks, while calling Star Wars fans racists for criticizing a non-white character.

Using its multi-media platforms, Disney has also pushed anti-Christian messages down consumer’s throats and canceled Tim Allen by not inviting him to voice Buzz Lightyear again, largely because the actor is an outspoken conservative.

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