Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Watchdog Exposes 2 Major Brands as ‘Oppressive Gulags of Groupthink’

'Their products were once synonymous with American freedom and prestige in the world... '

(Joshua Paladino, Headline USA) Consumers’ Research has released advertisements that reveal Levi Strauss & Co and American Express to be “oppressive gulags of groupthink and anti-white racism” with no interest in serving the needs of customers, BizPacReview reported.

“Levi’s and American Express have betrayed their customers. Their products were once synonymous with American freedom and prestige in the world, but now their CEOs have turned the companies into oppressive gulags of groupthink and anti-white racism,” said Will Hild, the group’s executive director.

Consumers’ Research created two 30-second ads, “Woke Washed Levi’s” and “unAmerican Express,” to remind Americans not to buy from companies with a radical ideological agenda.

“As both of these companies near their annual shareholder meetings, Consumers’ Research is calling out their disgraceful conduct and reminding them of their fiduciary duty to their shareholders and their moral duty to their customers, regardless of race,” Hild said.

These two companies represent a trend in big corporations of rejecting traditional American values and upholding Progressive ideas.

Consumers’ Research created a website, WokeWashedLevis.com, that tracks the company’s far-left agenda, including its opposition to “racist” voter ID laws and 2nd Amendment rights.

The video’s narrator described Levi’s agenda.

“Levi’s became iconic by making tough pants. Now they’re notorious for pushing progress politics: Opposing the Second Amendment, attacking popular voter ID laws, and Levi’s screws their workers — furloughing thousands, while rewarding rich shareholders,” the narrator said.

Levi’s also stifles free speech in its corporate environment.

One company executive, Jennifer Sey, had to renounce a $1 million severance package so that she could “be free” to oppose COVID-19 school closures.

“Levi’s: Serve your customers, not woke politicians,” the ad concluded.

Consumers’ Research claimed in the American Express ad that the credit card company follows explicitly racist policies.

“Employees say people are promoted and told to offer lower premiums based on race,” the narrator said. “Amex administered critical race theory training that told employees capitalism is racist.”

American Express also has involved itself in criminal financial deals.

“American Express: Investigated by the U.S. government, caught processing a Soviet-era politician’s dirty money, paid hundreds of millions in fines for deceiving customers,” the narrator said. “Rather than clean up their act, American Express has gone woke.”

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