Saturday, April 1, 2023
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WaPo’s Clownish Fact-Checker: ‘Little Evidence’ Biden Caused Oil Shortage

'The ‘net-zero’ crusade against fossil fuels is an obvious attempt to force a sharp decline in current and future production... '

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USAThe Washington Post‘s checker of facts claims that he looked into the oil- and gas-price crisis and unsurprisingly learned that it is not at all the fault of President Joe Biden and his administration.

Glenn Kessler, the fact checker extraordinaire, reported that Biden is not to blame earlier this week, according to NewsBusters.

He published an article claiming that there is “little evidence that Biden’s policies have had any direct impact on oil production” despite the Biden administration’s decision to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline.

But American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Benjamin Zycher pointed out the obvious: that Biden and his administration’s war on oil and fossil fuels, as well as the sanctions against Russia, have both heavily contributed to spiking prices.

“[A]n expectation that future investment will be constrained artificially has the effect of raising prices today. Why might the market expect such constraints on future investment? Look no further than the Biden administration’s policies for the answer,” he wrote.

“The ‘net-zero’ crusade against fossil fuels is an obvious attempt to force a sharp decline in current and future production,” he added.

He also noted that though the President himself has done much, his administrative agencies have done the bulk of the labor in the President’s crusade.

“There are the various decisions to constrain or disallow investments in pipelines and other such infrastructure, both by the administration directly and by such ‘independent’ regulatory agencies as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,” Zycher wrote.

Apparently Kessler and his squad of fact-lovers employ “The Pinocchio test” when judging “the claims of a politician, political candidate, diplomat or interest group.”

The Washington Post apparently now employs fact checkers in order to shield the Biden administration from its most obvious failures.

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