Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Walmart Cancels Mike Lindell’s Pillow Products, Claim Bad Ratings

'Walmart waited to cancel My Pillow so they wouldn’t get the same bad press the other big box stores who canceled him got... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) The big box monopoly chain Walmart announced that it would stop selling My Pillow products, allegedly due to low customer satisfaction ratings of the wildly popular pillow.

The My Pillow products fell below a four-star rating, and a sub-four star rating is the threshold for dropping a product, according to Walmart spokespeople.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, a staunch pro-liberty conservative, suspected otherwise.

“Walmart waited to cancel My Pillow so they wouldn’t get the same bad press the other big box stores who canceled him got,” Lindell told 100 Percent Fed Up, adding that Walmart’s woke retaliation could cost his company about $10 million in sales.

Walmart’s claims of low customer satisfaction crumbled under closer scrutiny, reported Patty McMurray, who found three pillow brands currently sold by Walmart with a sub- four-star rating.

McMurray also reported that a third party in China is selling many of the My Pillow products at Walmart. Lindell insisted that he does not “allow Walmart to allow other vendors to sell my product!”

Walmart is the latest of many stores to cancel the popular My Pillow product.

Immediately after Lindell had raised concerns and questions about election fraud, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s H-E-B, and Wayfair all dropped My Pillow products.

Notably, a year after dropping My Pillow products, Bed Bath and Beyond was unable to find sufficient products to sell and had to close 37 stores.

After this initial rash of cancelations, Costco dropped My Pillow without a stated purpose.

In addition to woke cancelation, Lindell has faced direct competition in his business for political reasons.

David Hogg, a youth who became famous for surviving a school shooting, started a company with the expressed purpose of putting Mike out of business. Hogg left the company two months after its founding.

Lindell said that the initial cancellations and boycotts, ironically, brought a temporary boost to sales.

However, after the first string of cancellations, Lindell said that, “I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year.”

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