Mike Lindell Says Leftist Boycott Has Cost MyPillow $65M

'I’d love to go to court tomorrow with Dominion...'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said leftist boycotts of his company have cost him nearly $65 million already, which he said is proof that he isn’t trying to scam Americans by raising concerns about voter fraud.

“I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year that I won’t get back, OK?” Lindell told Business Insider. “There’s your story. Print it right. Don’t try and twist this.”

Several major retailers, including Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl’s, pulled MyPillow products from their shelves last month because of Lindell’s election fraud allegations.

Initially, Lindell argued the boycott helped MyPillow, but he recently said that the surge in sales was temporary and that his business is now hurting.

Dominion Voting Systems accused Lindell in a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit of spreading lies about the company’s role in the election in order to make money.

Dominion argued Lindell “sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillow,” the lawsuit stated, referencing promotion discount codes on MyPillow’s websites, including “FightforTrump,” “Proof,” and “QAnon.”

“Lindell — a talented salesman and former professional card counter — sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows,” the lawsuit states. “After hitting the jackpot with Donald Trump’s endorsement for MyPillow and after a million-dollar bet on Fox News ads had paid out handsome returns, Michael Lindell exploited another chance to boost sales: marketing MyPillow to people who would tune in and attend rallies to hear Lindell tell the ‘Big Lie’ that Dominion had stolen the 2020 election.”

Lindell said he welcomed the lawsuit, because now he gets to provide the “evidence” he’s gathered in court.

“I’ve been looking forward to them finally suing,” Lindell argued, adding that the court case would prove him right. “I’d love to go to court tomorrow with Dominion.”


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