Sunday, March 26, 2023
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UPDATE: Virginia Gun-Rights Rally Appears to Avoid Violence, False-Flag Operations

‘I don’t think they showed in large numbers due to the large presence of level-headed gun owners…’

UPDATE: Virginia Gun-Rights Rally Appears to Avoid Violence, False-Flag Operations 1
Gun-rights rally-goers gather near the Capitol Grounds in Richmond. / PHOTO: Courtesy of AJ Jenkins

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) With all eyes on Richmond, the Virginia state capital, an annual Lobby Day demonstration by gun-rights activists looked to avoid any violence, despite controversial Gov. Ralph Northam‘s pre-emptive emergency declaration.

Terms including #VirginiaRally, #Richmond and #Antifa led Twitter’s trending topics after conservative leaders warned that far-left radicals may seek to instigate unrest while appearing to represent the other side.

Among those sounding alarm was state Sen. Amanda Chase, R-Chesterfield, who cautioned that Northam might be working in coordination with groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center to infiltrate right-wing demonstrations and foment violence.

Philip Search, an adviser for Chase, told Liberty Headlines that the pro-gun-rights demonstrators working in tandem with local law-enforcement had helped keep the event safe and peaceful.

“As Second Amendment supporters and advocates for constitutional freedom, they are law-abiding citizens,” he said, “and law-abiding citizens follow the law.”

Search said there were credible reports of groups planning to organize counter-demonstrations but “it completely backfired.”

Attendees said that the few left-wing activists who did show up were respected and allowed to voice their opinions without incident.

UPDATE: Virginia Rally Appears to Avert Violence, False Flag Operations
Left-wing activists confront gun-rights demonstrators in Richmond as members of the media stand by. Despite fears of widespread violence, the demonstrations were reportedly peaceful. / PHOTO: Courtesy of Randy Hedrick

Gun-rights advocate Randy Hedrick, a Danville resident, reported that a group of socialists “got inside the gate and started chanting but everyone let them speak their piece, no violence, and they left.”

Sgt. A.J. Jenkins, a Marine anti-tank gunner and Stafford County resident, also witnessed some instigators clad in black with socialist fist symbols on their clothing.

“They were somewhat talkative, and tried to start something multiple times, until police intervened,” Jenkins said.

However, he added, “I don’t think they showed in large numbers due to the large presence of level-headed gun owners, who wouldn’t allow anybody to entice them into acting in a way that could be portrayed in a negative context.”

PJ Media reported that rally-goers had turned against one agitator who suggested “hopping the fence and killing people,” although it was unclear if the person was affiliated with any left-wing groups.

On the other hand, the attention that Northam and left-wing media outlets brought to the rally had an upside of helping mobilize many on the Right, including well known conservative personality Alex Jones, said Jenkins.

UPDATE: Virginia Gun-Rights Rally Appears to Avoid Violence, False-Flag Operations
Alex Jones and Marine Sgt. AJ Jenkins at the Lobby Day gun-rights rally in Richmond / PHOTO: Courtesy of AJ Jenkins

The Guardian, a British newspaper reporting from Charlottesville, said left-wing activists there were deliberately avoiding the scene at the state Capitol Grounds in Richmond, about an hour’s drive away from the college down where a deadly 2017 clash occurred.

During that rally, organized by a disgruntled former Obama supporter named Jason Kessler, city officials repeatedly attempted to revoke permits and restrict far-right demonstrators who were protesting the illegal efforts to remove two Civil War monuments.

Out-of-state extremists from both sides showed up, with many mask-clad Antifa activists wielding improvised flame-throwers and hurling projectiles at demostrators, some of whom were dressed in Nazi and KKK outfits.

Conservatives at Monday’s rally expressed relief with being allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights, un-obtruded, while criticizing Democrats and media for over-hyping concerns of white nationalists and domestic terrorists.

Northam previously served as lieutenant governor under Terry McAuliffe, a former Clinton fundraiser and Democratic National Committee chair.

He was elected governor in November 2017, a few months after the Charlottesville violence, but was constrained last year by a Republican legislative majority and kept in check by his own scandal involving a racist yearbook photo.

However, Democrats assumed control of the General Assembly in last November’s elections—in which leftist mega-donors like George Soros, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg invested millions of dollars to outspend statewide GOP efforts.

Radical leftists in the legislature have now scheduled votes on a raft of controversial proposals that threaten to permanently change the character of the state and turn it into an East Coast California.

In response to proposed gun-confiscation measures, the majority of counties in the state recently enacted resolutions to declare themselves 2nd-Amendment sanctuaries.

“What we are now seeing in the General Assembly is a complete gun-grab,” said Search. “They are pretty much declaring war against law-abiding citizens.”

Other legislative measures are being enacted that could secure permanent majorities for Democrats in the once-red state.

Despite the bleak outlook, Search said freedom-loving conservatives in the state have no choice now but to stand up and be heard.

“Republicans have been silent for too long,” he said. “That’s why they’re called the ‘silent majority.’ They need to be considered now as a vocal majority.”

Search said that Chase, who was just re-elected to her third term in the Virginia Senate, is considering a run for governor in 2021 or 2025.

He encouraged voters to hold accountable not only Democratic lawmakers, but also any Republicans who voted in support of their extreme agenda.

“The best way to win a game that’s not being played fairly is to vote in new game players,” Search said.

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