WHISTLEBLOWER: Vegas Election Bosses Let Voters Fabricate Proof of Residence

'Go into the polls and watch very carefully...'

Another post-election whistleblower has come forward with a series of sworn allegations in Nevada—one of several states where vote fraud is being closely scrutinized.

The outcome of cases surrounding the state’s voting scandals may potentially give President Donald Trump his path to re-election over Democrat candidate Joe Biden, when all the legal votes are counted and the illegal ones invalidated.

But that will likely require federal intervention as corrupt Democrat state officials appear to be intent on covering up the alleged mass ballot-stuffing schemes that they helped to coordinate and orchestrate.

According to Breitbart, poll watchers documented several red-flag violations in Clark County, which encompasses the Las Vegas metropolitan region and is historically one of only two counties in the state to back Democrats.

One eyewitness said in a sworn affidavit that, among other things, polling officials allowed would-be registrants who lacked ID to instead schedule an appointment with the DMV and use the confirmation of the appointment as their proof of residency.

“They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021,” the poll watcher testified. “We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places.”

Poll workers then used the DMV confirmation number in lieu of an actual driver’s license number, but they were required to add two extra zeroes to get the right number of digits, effectively inventing their own fraudulent data on site to obscure the invalid ballots.

The eyewitness accounts also included reports of a Biden–Harris bus, booth or tent on site at the voting facilities that claimed to be offering light refreshments and campaign memorabilia.

However, they repeatedly crossed the line into electioneering and had to be reminded to maintain a 100-foot distance.

“It was a very visible feature in a very narrow parking lot,” said the affidavit. “On several days they had speakers, dances, music and other festivities going on.”

During one lunch break, an eyewitness testified to seeing the apparent campaign staff receiving multiple unopened mail-in ballots and marking them.

“The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes,” said the affidavit. “These individuals were not poll workers.”

It is unclear what the source of the ballots in question was, although other recent reports have alleged that illegal immigrants, out-of-state residents and even dead people appeared to have voted for Biden in the state’s election.

Nevada controversially sent ballots, unsolicited, to everyone on its outdated voter lists, resulting in many of the highly sensitive envelopes being carelessly discarded or arriving at the wrong address.

The Trump campaign has already begun the process of filing lawsuits to challenge the outcome while it continues nationwide to amass new examples of election skulduggery that demand investigation.

With leftist media already pushing a false narrative of victory for Biden, the deluge of alarming evidence might normally have been lost to the ages in some of the key cities and counties where the narrow race will be decided.

Unfortunately for Democrats, volunteer poll-watchers, whistleblowers and others took heed to Trump’s exhortations during rallies and presidential debates to “go into the polls and watch very carefully.”

Accordingly, dishonest media hacks went all-in on DNC talking points to claim, without evidence, that poll-watchers were engaging in “intimidation” tactics.

That included a threat from Nevada’s Democrat attorney general, Aaron Ford, that he would prosecute GOP volunteers who dared to interfere with the state’s efforts to rig the voting.

But the extra scrutiny has given the Trump campaign the proof it needs to make a case for widespread vote fraud, which corrupt Democrat officials either desperately or brazenly committed in plain sight with their impending defeat on the line.

In addition to Nevada, Trump’s legal team must prevail in at least three other states, the most likely being Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

In both Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Democrat governors and crony election officials circumvented laws passed by the GOP legislatures to implement their own last-minute election changes under the pretense of emergency coronavirus measures.

In historically deep-red Georgia, irregularities during the ballot-counting process for counties surrounding urban Democrat bastions like Atlanta and Savannah helped to produce a 10,000 vote edge for Biden, although the state is now poised to undergo a detailed recount.

Several other states that Trump appeared to be winning on election night are also under intense scrutiny for issues ranging from ballot-stuffing in Wisconsin, to questionable software glitches throughout the state of Michigan, to the use of Sharpies to suppress GOP votes in Arizona.

Although Trump is currently projected to lose in all three of the states, which had helped him to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, Wisconsin and Arizona currently both have margins of about 20,000 votes separating the two candidates.

But among the allegations the Trump campaign has brought to light already, one claims that in Pennsylvania, the number of dead people alone included on the state’s voter rolls was 21,000, according to Fox News.

If the campaign is able to present evidence that large numbers of ineligible zombie voters were present in other states also, that alone could help him on his way to whittling down the suspicious tallies.


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