Friday, December 1, 2023

Sen. JD Vance Vows to ‘Halt’ All Pending Senate Nominees to Weaponized DOJ

'We have to grind this department to a halt until Merrick Garland promises to do his job and stop going after his political opponents...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, pledged to keep the weaponized Justice Department in check by thwarting all nominees currently awaiting Senate confirmation in response to the indictment of former President Donald Trump and other partisan lawfare attacks targeting conservatives.

Vance explained that, like millions of Americans, he was frustrated with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s politicization of the DOJ. In a video posted to Twitter he explained that it was time to stop complaining and arguing about the issue “and actually do something about it.”

Vance vowed to place holds on nominees to the Department of Justice, according to Life News. If a senator places a hold on a nominee, it indicates a lack of unanimity, which forces the nomination to be approved by a vote of the chamber. This makes the nominations slower and less secure.

“We have to grind this department to a halt until Merrick Garland promises to do his job and stop going after his political opponents,” Vance explained.

Vance argued that this was the correct thing to do because Merrick Garland would not use his employees to enforce the law, but rather “clearly to harass his political opponents,” referring to the politicized Trump indictment.

Meanwhile, Garland’s FBI has actively engaged in a slow-walking operation of its own in investigating the financial crimes of presidential son Hunter Biden, and the FBI continues to stonewall Congress over materials related to a bribe that then Vice Presiden Joe Biden is alleged to have negotiated with Ukraine’s Burisma energy company.

Vance was clear, however, that this system of two-tiered justice was being applied not just at the highest levels of government but also to persecute law-abiding common citizens for exercizing their constitutional rights.

“We have Catholic fathers harassed for their pro-life activism,” Vance said, perhaps referring to the arrest of Mark Houck, a Catholic father who was drug out of his home in the early morning in front of his children for opposing abortion outside of a Planned Parenthood. A jury later acquitted Houck.

“We, of course, have violent criminals walking the streets after the 2020 summer of riots,” he continued, referring to the riots following the overdose death of ‘Saint Floyd of Fentanyl.’

These cases, in addition to the phony Trump indictment, convinced Vance that Garland was not doing his job.

“If you’re letting the violent criminals go free and you’re harassing Christian parents for their political activism, you’re not engaged in justice, you’re engaged in politics.”

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