Monday, July 15, 2024

Ukrainian Girl Wants to Go Home; Says San Francisco Too Violent, Cruel

'After one week, I understood that was normal... '

(Dominick Sansone, Headline USA) An eighth-grade Ukrainian refugee girl was shocked by the level of violence in the San Francisco public school system, frightened to the point of wanting to return to her homeland ravaged by war.

According to reporting by Breitbart, Yana settled in San Francisco with her mother as a refugee from the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The cruelty with which children in her classroom treated one another came as a surprise to her, as did the total disregard for authority exhibited by her classmates. She believes that children in Ukraine are less cruel to one another than those in the California city.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that students “interrupted classes, jumped on desks, cursed at teachers. At first, Yana wondered what was going on, but then, ‘nothing happened.’ Students were not disciplined or prevented from repeat behavior.”

Yana said she’d rather return to Ukraine and its battlefields, rather than continuing to face the turmoil of San Francisco. That became especially true after she became the target of ridicule and harassment.

“After one week, I understood that was normal,” said Yana

This story comes after the city voted last year to recall three school board members due to their radical far-left direction. Public outrage ensued when the oversight body refused to reopen schools following the COVID shutdowns and instead chose to concentrate on ideological issues.

This included renaming 44 schools, such as those named after George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom were declared to be “relics of a white supremacist history.”

However, this past January the board’s leftists regained a majority and moved quickly to fire the moderate serving as president.

The new president has not made any comment about addressing the type of violence and disregard for authority experienced by Yana in the San Francisco public school system.

Many parents have recently moved to pull their children out of the San Francisco Unified School District in favor of private or religious schools, while others have simply left the city.

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