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Twitter Ignores Piles of Evidence in Phony ‘Fact Check’ of Trump’s ‘Vote Fraud’ Tweet

‘We will experience some voter suppression because of all the mistakes that were made…’

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(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Just as blue-state governors used the coronavirus panic to implement a massive authoritarian power-grab and a bad-faith scheme for mail-in elections, Twitter used its own false pretenses in a desperate effort to hobble the plan’s biggest threat.

The virtue-signaling social-media giant announced following a sustained leftist pressure campaign that it would begin issuing fact checks on tweets by President Donald Trump.

Although the policy came, ostensibly, over a tweet that claimed MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had murdered his former mistress, they eagerly slapped the qualifier onto Trump’s tweets about vote fraud, as well, perpetuating a common trope in the partisan mainstream media, despite clear—and mounting—evidence to contradict their claims.

In a series of tweets, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany publicly fact-checked the false Twitter claim, much to the disdain of some liberal journalists, who proceeded to circle the wagons.

But even other left-leaning outlets, such as Business Insider, subsequently felt obliged to call out the fact that Twitter’s fact check was, itself, misleading after the site claimed “no evidence” of vote fraud.

While downplaying the scope of the concerns, Business Insider acknowledged there was “a significant difference between saying that mail-in ballots are ‘very rarely linked to voter fraud’ and saying there’s ‘no evidence mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud,'” the latter of which Twitter falsely claimed.

“Twitter juxtaposing those two conflicting statements could ultimately cause more confusion than it helps readers find the real facts,” it said.

But there is, in fact, abundant evidence of vote fraud linked to absentee ballots, as well as plenty of other worries about the chaos that the Left hopes to sow in its mail-in-ballot scam.

Even as Twitter was trying to make the claim, two states publicly raised new alarms about their recent attempts to conduct mail-in elections.

In Maryland, which is scheduled to hold a June 2 mail-only primary, officials ordered that about 3.5 million ballots be sent automatically to all residents.

But around a million voters had reported receiving the ballots late—or not at all—and only around 461,000 completed ballots had been returned, according to the Washington Post.

Even left-wingers, such as state NAACP President Kobi Little admitted that the administrative failures would impact the upcoming election to decide important races such as the Baltimore mayor, city council, and all eight members of the state delegation for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Moreover, it followed an earlier “practice run” in April during the special election to fill the seat of the late Rep. Elijah Cummings.

“This fiasco was avoidable,” Little said. “We will experience some voter suppression because of all the mistakes that were made.”

State officials blamed an outside vendor but said they would be unable to conduct a full audit until after the primary.

Ballots lie on the sidewalk outside an apartment complex in Las Vegas on May 16, 2020. / Photo Courtesy of Jim M, Fox News via Deroy Murdock

Meanwhile in Nevada—potentially a key battleground state in November’s upcoming presidential election, the state’s former attorney general, Adam Laxalt, denounced a disastrous effort that resulted in 200,000 ballots getting mailed to inactive voters in Las Vegas.

“[W]e have no way to know if these are going to lead to massive voter fraud, and they continue to sue to get rid of signature verifications and to enact the California-style ballot harvesting right here in Nevada,” warned Laxalt, currently outside counsel for the nonprofit Americans for Public Trust, in an appearance Tuesday on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News broadcast.

Appropriately, other issues recently have arisen in California, where a state watchdog, the Election Integrity Project, reported that the state had mailed nearly 800 duplicate ballots in its most recent election, to fill the open congressional seat vacated by disgraced freshman Rep. Katie Hill following the Democratic congresswoman’s notorious sex scandal.

Other problems were reported in a recent Wisconsin election, where a post-mortem analysis showed that the post office in Chicago had failed to deliver several large tubs full of completed ballots, effectively disfranchising thousands of voters.

And syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock, a Liberty Headlines contributor, revealed that he had received in the mail six discarded ballots from Colorado’s primary that were collected and sent to him by concerned voters.

Like Nevada, both Colorado and Wisconsin are also important battleground states heading into November.

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