Monday, January 30, 2023
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Tucker Carlson’s Scorching Rebuke of Suspected Globalist Dan Crenshaw

'That is probably one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard, now that I’m thinking about it... '

(Chris Parker, Headline USAIn a seemingly uncharacteristic move, famed conservative commentator Tucker Carlson admonished a prominent Republican politician while interviewing – and largely agreeing with – a former Democrat representative. 

Both Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard condemned Biden’s $40 million relief package for Ukraine, while Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, supported it, the Western Journal reported.

Carlson even went as far as calling Crenshaw “Eye Patch McCain” during the interview. The remark was meant to compare Crenshaw’s recent actions with former senator John McCain’s tendency to side with Democrats and admonish Republicans. He cited America’s growing shortage of baby formula as a greater concern than Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

“The more I think about it, it takes a lot of gall for Eye Patch McCain to attack moms who are worried about baby formula as, quote, pro-Russia,” Carlson said. “That is probably one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard, now that I’m thinking about it.”

Both Carlson and Gabbard also admonished Biden’s call for a New World Order. Carlson discussed why he believed Biden’s involvement with the Ukraine/Russian conflict is an effort to reboot the Democrats’ agenda. Gabbard reportedly used the televised segment to tell Biden “You’re not God.” 

Biden stated that the pandemic set the path for a “new world order,” in which America’s elites have an opportunity to make “significant changes.” The announcement surprised many who typically tried to pass off such claims as conspiracy theories.

“We’ve got to lead it,” Biden said of his New World Order. “We’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

Some believe that Crenshaw might be playing a role in that behind the scenes. The self-proclaimed conservative was once a member of the World Economic Forum, as was Gabbard. 

That organization has openly endorsed and promoted reforms proposed by the Chinese Communist Party, including vaccine passports, social credit and restricted speech, among other big-government policies. 

Despite her involvement with the WEF, Gabbard denounced Biden’s NWO vision on Carlson’s show. Many believe that Crenshaw’s support for the $40 million Ukrainian relief package – and his support for gun control after running on a pro-gun campaign – signify a possible alignment with Biden’s NWO agenda, or at least its most pertinent policies. 

Whether that is the case or not, Carlson made it clear that he believes Crenshaw is turning his back on the American people and the conservative policies that Crenshaw claimed to support.


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