Saturday, September 23, 2023

Trump’s Popularity Has Improved Since J6 Protests

In 2024 matchups against sitting president Joe Biden, Trump is running an average of two points ahead of him...

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) In the midst of the widely televised and little-watched J6 Tribunal TV hearings, former president Donald Trump’s popularity has not sunk as much as many libs likely hoped.

According to CNN, Trump left office with the lowest approval rating of any president at the end of his first term, partially due to the events of Jan 6. Since then, his favorable rating has risen from 39% to 43% and his unfavorable rating has dropped from 58% to 52%.

So, Trump’s favorability rating is -9 points. His approval rating during his term as president was -12 points.

In 2024 matchups against sitting president Joe Biden, Trump is running an average of two points ahead of him. In raw numbers, Trump has been ahead in more polls against Biden over the last few months than he was for all of 2020.

While Trump is not the only contender among conservatives now, he is still ahead of other candidates in the GOP field.

Trump’s favorable rating with Republicans is around 80%, with Trump more admired by Republicans than Democrats.

Trump continues to post the strongest numbers in the national primary polls for any nonimcumbent in the last 50 years, lapping the field with about 50% of the vote.

Previous nonincumbents who polled at similar levels all went on to win their party’s nomination for president.

However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may throw a wrench into Trump’s numbers, as he holds a higher favorable rating among Republicans who hold an opinion of both potential candidates.

Trump is still in a good position, which one might have thought impossible after Jan. 6 and Democrats’ relentless witch hunt attacks.

According to CNN, Trump is “less unpopular” because he “is no longer the president.”

It could also be the lasting effect Trump has had on the Supreme Court and the seemingly opposite effect of the J6 show trials that have given Trump this unexpected boost.

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