Saturday, December 2, 2023

Transportation Secretary Tries to Blame COVID for Bidenflation

'We’re also, of course, seeing these very, very challenging pressures on prices... '

(Chris Parker, Headline USA) As Americans struggle with soaring gas and grocery prices, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warned that we’re going to continue seeing shock waves through the economy and, in true Biden administration fashion, tried to deflect blame.

“If you just consider the magnitude of the shock that the pandemic created, we’re going to continue seeing those shock waves reverberate through our economy, I think, for quite some time,” Buttigieg told CNBC.

He continued to shift the blame for Bidenflation on the COVID pandemic rather than the government’s dangerous (and largely illegal) response to it, reported Breitbart.

“We’re also, of course, seeing these very, very challenging pressures on prices, whether we’re talking about energy, whether we’re talking about goods, whether we’re talking about shipping,” Buttigieg said of Biden’s horrendous economy.

“And it’s that interaction of those two things, high demand, which is great news, but really a challenge for the supply side to keep up with that that’s put us in an economic situation that continues to be really tough to manage,” he continued.

The government has faced criticism for the delays its COVID policies have caused with supply chains. So many ships are backlogged than many of them are turning around without unloading their cargo.  In 2021, the Biden administration tried to downplay the severity of the problem by using fraudulent numbers.

Still, Buttigieg insisted the administration is equipped to provide relief, despite a lack of actionable strategies.

“The president has made clear his top economic priority is keeping prices under control and fighting inflation,” he said, apparently unaware of how badly the inflator-in-chief is performing on both those fronts.

“We’re using all of the tools available to us to do that,” he said, before warning of continued shock waves.

Buttigieg, of course, has a history of deflecting blame for his own failings, recently scolding Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for inflation during an April interview on The View.

The Federal Reserve recently released its plans deal with inflation by slowing US economic growth. They discussed “the possibility that an even more restrictive stance could be appropriate if elevated inflation pressures were to persist.”

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