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REPORT: Thousands Disfranchised by Wisconsin’s Mail-In Voting Attempt

‘It will be a chaotic, fraud- and disenfranchisement-filled nightmare…’

WATCHDOG: Democrats Using COVID-19 to Push For Mail-In System w/'Massive' Voting Fraud 1
A voter in Oregon sends in an absentee ballot via mail. / IMAGE: Politico via YouTube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) A postmortem report on Wisconsin‘s controversial primary election in April further debunked the false claims of mail-in-ballot activists who aim to use the coronavirus panic to sow chaos in the November general election.

The fearmongering opponents of democracy have viciously criticized the state for moving forward with its scheduled elections during the health crisis.

Contrary to their claims, subsequent scientific studies revealed that there was no evidence of a mass outbreak resulting from the April 7 in-person voting.

In its Absentee Voting Report, however, the Wisconsin Elections Commission noted that the increase in mail-in absentee ballots did cause a rise in voter disfranchisement.

“At a local level, the extraordinary volume placed enormous stress on election officials, elections systems, and the United States Postal Service,” said the report.

It noted that the 964,433 mail-in ballots cast in the primary far outpaced the usual number and broke the record, as far as the state was concerned, when compared with other primary elections.

But “[w]hile voter participation for this election was consistent with historic turnout numbers for similar elections, it is also impossible to determine how many voters were unable to cast a ballot for this election due to concerns and complications,” the report noted.

The overall turnout for the election was down by about a quarter relative to the prior presidential primary in 2016, from 2,113,544 to 1,555,263.

And since only a quarter of the overall votes were cast in-person on Election Day, questions about the suppressed turnout largely lay with the absentee process.

As it so happens, nearly 10 percent of the absentee ballots requested—just under 121,000—were never returned.

Some citizens complained of never having received their ballots.

But others who thought they had voted may never have been counted.

REPORT: Thousands Disfranchised by Wisconsin Mail-In Ballot Attempt
Three USPS tubs totaling 1,600 ballots were discovered in Chicago the day after Wisconsin’s April 7 special election. / IMAGE: TMJ4 News via YouTube

Buried deep in the report, the WEC revealed that on the day after the election, a postal-service hub in Chicago had reported finding three large tubs of ballots from the Appleton/Oshkosh region.

“The official was unable to confirm how many ballots were in the three tubs but stated that ‘it could be quite a lot’ as they were large twohandled tubs,” said the report. “In a follow up communication, the USPS indicated that there were approximately 1,600 ballots in the batch.”

The report also outlined a number of other ballot processing failures, including many from the heavily Republican region.

In total, issues of ballot mishandling outlined in the report resulted in “upwards of 3,000 voters” likely being disfranchised, said Dan O’Donnell, writing for the pro-free-market MacIver Institute.

“Strangely enough, the same people falsely promising that in-person voting in April would be disastrous are now promising that mail-in voting in November will go off without a hitch,” O’Donnell said. “It won’t.”

As Democrats begin waging lawsuits to force the state to issue absentee ballots to every voter in November for the much larger presidential election, O’Donnell warned that the result “will be a chaotic, fraud- and disenfranchisement-filled nightmare.”

The Long Con

The mishandling of ballots from conservative parts of the state likely had little impact on the Democratic primary. Former Vice President Joe Biden‘s victory there led Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to end his campaign, making Biden the presumptive nominee.

But another major race—an election for the state Supreme Court—could wind up being even more consequential for national politics.

Liberal Jill Karofsky prevailed over conservative independent Daniel Kelly, the incumbent justice, by just under 163,500 votes statewide—about 10 percent of the total.

Although ostensibly nonpartisan, the state court, much like the U.S. Supreme Court, has a narrow ideological split, with the balance now likely tilting leftward on matters like the upcoming redistricting effort.

Already, left-wing activists have used the Wisconsin courts in order to force the battleground state to redraw its legislative maps.

Eric Holder, Dems Have Plan to Bypass SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decision
Eric Holder / IMAGE: Mother Jones via Youtube

Not surprisingly, corrupt former Attorney General Eric Holder, who now oversees the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, has lobbied heavily in past elections to sway the state’s Supreme Court.

Coincidentally, Holder also has been behind significant legal battles in swing states like North Carolina to use the courts to force mail-only ballots for November.

Holder has been candid about his intention to secure Democratic electoral advantages any means necessary, even attempting to bypass unfavorable court rulings against his partisan gerrymandering operation.

Although these electioneering efforts began well before the current pandemic crisis, leftist partisans have sought to mislead the public by reframing the scheme to blame their opponents for playing defensive.

“This thing in Wisconsin was one of the most awful things I’ve ever seen in my life,” left-wing strategist James Carville said on MSNBC the night of the state election.

“Just the extent they’ll go to to hold on to power,” ranted Carville, a longtime Bill Clinton associate. “It was all about one Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin. They will kill people to stay in power, literally.”

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