Montana Sen. Jon Tester Calls Republican Senators ‘Traitors’ & Allies to ‘Armed Terrorists’

'Let’s call phonies for what they are, including those who wrap themselves in flags before burning America down...'

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., called his fellow senators “traitors” because they supported President Donald Trump‘s challenge to the unconstitutional and fraudulent Electoral College votes.

“If traitors to our democracy aren’t held accountable, we will fall under siege again,” Tester wrote in an op-ed for USA Today. “And if that happens, it will unfold with better planning and even bloodier results.”

Thirteen senators, including Steve Daines, R-Mt., planned to object to Electoral College votes at the joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, but many changed their minds after the Establishment’s false-flag operation at the Capitol, Politico reported.

“On Wednesday, our democracy was on the line,” Tester wrote. “Up close and on live TV for everyone in the world to see. The insurrection of the U.S. Capitol was domestic terrorism, plain and simple.”

Although Antifa members infiltrated the Save America March, most of the protesters who entered the Capitol building remained peaceful.

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Tester said “blame rests squarely” with senators who planned to object to some of the Electoral College votes, which implies that the 13 senators stand guilty of terrorism and treason.

A spokesman for Daines responded to Tester’s op-ed in a statement.

“Senator Tester is no stranger to dangerous rhetoric when he suggested on MSNBC just 18 months ago his supporters need to ‘punch the President in the face,'” the spokesman said. “However, calling Senators and Congressmen traitors is inexcusable.”

Tester described the Trump supporters who marched from the White House to the Capitol building as “armed terrorists,” without providing any supporting evidence.

“His outrage is an effort to silence not the criminals who assaulted the Capitol but the vast majority of peaceful, patriotic supporters of President Trump, and strong majority of his own Montana constituents who just overwhelmingly elected Senator Daines and Congressman Rosendale over his preferred candidates,” the spokesman said.

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“Senator Daines believes it’s time to stop trying to score political points and come together for the future of our country,” the statement continued.

The remainder of Tester’s op-ed rehashes the tired Democratic Party talking points of the past five years.

“For the past four years, this president has cheapened the institutions of our country, mocked our democracy, disposed of our allies and embraced dictators,” Tester wrote. “He did it because too many politicians enabled his crusade for unchecked power, found an excuse for every lie, ignored every breathtaking tweet and pretended our fragile democracy wasn’t on the line.”

Trump possessed little power during his tenure: the Pentagon openly defied his orders, the spy agencies, including the FBI and CIA, targeted him from the day he announced his candidacy, and the administrative state sabotaged every effort that they could.

“Let’s declare war on unchecked power,” Tester wrote. “Let’s demand courage, accountability and truth from our leaders. Let’s call phonies for what they are, including those who wrap themselves in flags before burning America down.”

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