Monday, January 30, 2023
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Swalwell Betrays Ex-Lover Fang Fang by Showing Solidarity w/ Taiwan

'Why do you want to see Asian people tied up Eric? ... '

(Pamela Cosel, Headline USA) At least one person on Twitter had to remind California Rep. Eric Swalwell of the profoundly compromised Democrat’s connection to China, after he posted a crude comment about the mass shooting that happened on Sunday at a Taiwanese church service in Laguna Woods.

The tragedy happened on Swalwell’s home turf, so at least a modicum of concern for the victims and their families, or respect for the hero doctor who gave his life defending others, would be expected.

Swalwell, instead, pounced on the tragedy and shamelessly tried to spin it for political gain and to drive a leftist narrative.

“Why do you want to see Asian people tied up Eric?”

His hashtag of #SorryNotSorry is unacceptable for a man of his position, as many tweets stated.

Even odder, it wasn’t too long ago that Swalwell was secretly dating an Asian woman, Christine Fang, who allegedly was a spy for the Chinese government. At the time, GOP leaders demanded House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remove Swalwell from the management team pushing to impeach then-President Donald Trump. She refused.

Comments on Swalwell’s tweet range from outrage at his insensitivity to pointing out his lack of professionalism and apparent “misinformation” about the Laguna Woods shooter.

The accused gunman, a 68-year-old Chinese immigrant named Davie Chou, killed one and injured four others at the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church gathering, held at the site of the Geneva Presbyterian Church building. A lunch had just been held for a visiting pastor from Taiwan when the shooting occurred.

President Biden spoke Tuesday in Buffalo, N.Y. where on Saturday another shooting took place. He emphasized the race issue of whites versus blacks. Though his promise was to “unite” the country, since taking office his efforts have been to further divide the nation.

But Biden overlooked the California Asian shooting. After all, his son, Hunter, made millions from business dealings in China, so any mention of Taiwan or China may upset those who have lined the Bidens’ pockets.

Lest Swalwell forget, one reply to his tweet reminded him that the Laguna Woods’ “shooter’s politics were the same as your ex-girlfriend.”

Instead of expressing outrage or care for the Asian victims, Swalwell’s tweet took the tone of an angry high school student who doesn’t have all of the facts in an attempt to shift the blame onto someone else, even if it means promoting a shameless lie.

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