Friday, January 27, 2023
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New Details Show Biden’s Special Counsel Is a ‘Fixer,’ Not a Prosecutor

'FBI Director Christopher Wray's chief of staff Jonathan Lenzner was newly appointed Special Counsel ROBERT HUR's deputy in Maryland...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) Robert Hur, the recently appointed special counsel tasked with probing President Joe Biden’s mismanagement of classified documentation, has several deep-state connections.

Among them is notorious Democrat “fixer” Terry Lenzner through his son, Jonathan, who served as Hur’s deputy attorney.

The elder Lenzner acquired his reputation in Washington when President Bill Clinton held office. According to Real Clear Investigations, he acted as a “private CIA,” learning the secrets of Clinton’s mistresses and enemies in order to suppress negative media.

Terry Lenzner retired in 2015, and his son, Jonathan, took over the private investigation firm his father founded. Jon is a known Democrat and donor to the Clintons.

Paul Sperry, reporter for Real Clear Investigations, discovered that Lenzner worked with newly-appointed Special Counsel Hur in the latter’s capacity as U.S. attorney in Maryland.

Moreover, Lenzner currently works as chief of staff for FBI director Christopher Wray, under whose leadership the FBI has continued to morph into a politicized weapon for the Left, following the lead of his predecessor, James Comey.

His wife, Matea Gold, works as a national editor for the Washington Post. Before her husband was promoted to FBI chief of staff, the paper barred her from reporting on the FBI and Justice Department due to an alleged conflict of interest.

Gold previously reported on alleged Russian collusion by former President Donald Trump and his advisors.

Hur also worked closely with Wray, having served previously as his top deputy at the FBI.

Wray, Hur and Lenzer all had some kind of involvement during the Russian collusion probe led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller, which the Left used to prevent Trump from completing many goals during his presidential term.

Hur also has ties to former U.S. acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was in charge of the Mueller investigation.

The two are so close that Rosenstein even announced Hur’s initial DOJ appointment, praising him for his “experience and judgment [that] will advance our efforts to deter crime, promote the rule of law, and ensure equal justice for everyone.”

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