Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Shock: Once-Woke GoFundMe Rejects Calls to Cancel Trump Fundraiser

'This fundraiser is currently within our terms of service...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USAGoFundMe, a notoriously left-wing crowdfunding platform, has rejected threats of boycott over its decision to allow a multi-million-dollar fundraiser aimed at helping former President Donald Trump settle the infamous civil judgment in New York City.

“This fundraiser is currently within our terms of service,” stated Jalen Drummond, GoFundMe’s director of public affairs and former Trump assistant press secretary, according to the New York Post.

Elena Cardone, the wife of private equity fund manager Grant Cardone, leads the fundraiser, already amassing over $1,035,066. The final goal is set at $355,000,000

Grant Cardone addressed the criticism on Twitter, saying, “Haters aren’t happy with some of them being less than ‘civil’ with their comments on the gofundme page.” He highlighted several disparaging comments: “[H]ope you die in a flaming wreck.”

The fundraiser officially commenced on Feb. 16 and is not affiliated with Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign—yet some left-wing critics are raising questions. 

Hans von Spakovsky, head of the Heritage Foundation’s election integrity project and a former member of the Federal Election Commission, dismissed concerns about potential campaign law violations 

“This GoFundMe campaign can’t be considered campaign contributions to Donald Trump because it’s paying legal expenses that would exist irrespective of the campaign,” he told the Post. “Remember all of the prosecutors in these cases are saying, ‘Oh, these cases have absolutely nothing to do with his candidacy,’ right?”

Grant Cardone urged associates to “discontinue all underwriting” on New York City real estate following a left-wing judge’s ruling that mandated Trump to pay $355 million in civil fines resulting from a lawsuit filed by Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat who campaigned on persecuting the Trump Organization.

James alleged that Trump inflated his business finances in what she claimed was an illegal plot to obtain generous loans at low interest. Meanwhile, Trump has long maintained his innocence, stating that the banks that loaned him money were ultimately repaid. 

After the order, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul attempted to reassure concerned business owners about the state’s safety for conducting business.

GoFundMe’s temporary decision not to ban the fundraiser contradicts the company’s prior actions regarding prominent fundraisers associated with conservative causes. In 2022, GoFundMe banned the Freedom Convoy 2022’s fundraiser, which had gathered $10 million in donations, asserting that the funds were promoting violence in Canada. 

Instead, GoFundMe pledged to re-donate the funds to “credible and established charities. 

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