Monday, April 15, 2024

Biden’s Shady Executive Order Weaponizes Agriculture Dept. to Register Democrats

'A key organizer and coordinator of this effort is the dark money group [Demos] with deep ties to [Sen. Elizabeth Warren] and progressive groups...'

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) It was recently revealed that Joe Biden intends to steal the upcoming 2024 election by transforming nearly the entire federal government into a DNC voter registration machine, especially focusing on mass registering non-white voters.

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project wrote that “the rigging of the 2024 election is well underway,” adding that “Biden has tasked the entirety of the federal government to work directly with Democrat Get-Out-The-Vote operations.”

It was also reported that these operations are now giving instructions to federal employees as they use the money of American taxpayers to hit their goal of registering 3 million new Democrat voters every year.

“A key organizer and coordinator of this effort is the dark money group [Demos] with deep ties to [Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.] and progressive groups,” the Oversight Project wrote.

The National File reported that the leftists are also heavily focused on the United States Department of Agriculture, which is among the federal agencies spearheading the program.

The USDA has been used for a very long time by both Barack Obama and Biden as a way to discriminate against white people, the news source added. Before them, Bill Clinton was using the USDA to register as many Democratic voters as possible.

This new drive for voter registration originated from Joe Biden’s executive order that was signed by him in March 2021. According to the news source, the “Promoting Access to Voting” executive order referred to “obstacles” faced by non-white voters, like a “lack of election information,” thus implying that Biden will be disseminating federally-approved election and campaign information to those they register.

“Barriers to access at polling places” were also mentioned in the order, which likely refers to voter ID laws that were adopted to keep illegal aliens from voting and to prevent the stealing of an upcoming election. In addition to that, Biden claimed that the voter ID laws are racist, as well as the “long lines” that he claims non-white voters are faced with at polling places.

Also, the order called for election materials to be presented in languages other than English not just at polling places and on the Vote.Gov site but also in federal prisons where inmates have access to “educational materials related to voter registration and voting.”

Biden also ordered the U.S. Marshals to “facilitate voting by mail” from federal prisons, the news source added.

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