Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Scientists Using Human Brain Cells to Create AI

'This aims to establish OI as a form of genuine biological computing that harnesses brain organoids using scientific and bioengineering advances...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Scientists are now manipulating human brain cells to improve the efficiency and capacity of artificial intelligence to learn in a new field of study they call organoid intelligence.

A peer reviewed study led by scientists a John Hopkins University that included many international scientists was published on Tuesday in the journal Fronteirs. It bore the title “Organoid intelligence (OI): the new frontier in biocomputing and intelligence-in-a-dish.”

The article defined organoid intelligence.

“Recent advances in human stem cell-derived brain organoids promise to replicate critical molecular and cellular aspects of learning and memory and possibly aspects of cognition in vitro. Coining the term ‘organoid intelligence’ (OI) to encompass these developments, we present a collaborative program to implement the vision of a multidisciplinary field of OI,” it read.

“This aims to establish OI as a form of genuine biological computing that harnesses brain organoids using scientific and bioengineering advances [emphasis added].”

Professor Thomas Hartung of Johns Hopkins University, a John Hopkins researchers and co-author of the paper, explained his hopes for the project.

“A community of top scientists has gathered to develop this technology, which we believe will launch a new era of fast, powerful and efficient biocomputing,” he said.

Hartung explained the advantages of using braincells as computers, offering that “While silicon-based computers are certainly better with numbers, brains are better at learning.”

Brains are also much more energy efficient and have better memory capacities, according to Hartung.

“The vision of OI is to use the power of the biological system to advance the field of live sciences, bioengineering and computer science,” Lena Smirnova, a Johns Hopkins researcher and co-author of the paper, told Vice.

This research, as fearful as it may be, is already underway. Scientists have already taught brain cells how to play the video-game Pong, according to the New York Post.

Breitbart News published an article on these developments bearing the title: “This Won’t End Well: Scientists Hope to Create AI from Human Brain Cells.”

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