Ron Johnson Blasts Chuck Todd After He Calls Him an ‘Arsonist’

'This fire was lit over four years ago and we have destroyed the credibility---you have destroyed the credibility of the news media by your bias...'

Fake-news ringleader Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” accused Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., and other allies of President Donald Trump of being the “arsonists” in the Dumpster fire that was the Nov. 3 election.

Todd—whose refusal to cover climate change skepticism was a bellwether for subsequent media censorship—pretended that those with the audacity to request an investigation into credible concerns of widespread vote fraud were, in fact, the instigators.

“You have failed to offer specific evidence of that widespread fraud,” Todd claimed, while denying the mountains of evidence that have been compiled and presented publicly, which the media has persistently refused to cover.

“But you’re demanding an investigation on the grounds that there is widespread fraud,” the bewildered Todd continued. “So essentially, you’re the arsonist here. President Trump is the arsonist here. You’ve started this fire.”

Leftist publications like the disgraced former music magazine Rolling Stone—somehow still in production following a massive humiliation in a 2014 rape hoax—claimed a decisive win for Todd in the name-calling battle.

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But Johnson pushed back, reminding Todd’s sparse audience of what really set the wheels in motion.

“There is a double standard here and we are not being transparent and we are dismissing the concerns of tens of millions of Americans,” he said. “Again, I didn’t light this fire. This fire was lit over four years ago and we have destroyed the credibility—you have destroyed the credibility of the news media by your bias.”

Although systemic media bias has existed in mostly benign form for decades, Trump’s perceived threat has led many TDS-afflicted journalists to abandon all pretense of neutrality—and even to toss their own ethical rules out the window.

Recent reports indicated that nearly 40 mainstream media outlets accepted bribes from communist China to support its propaganda—including NBC sister companies CNBC and MSNBC.

Johnson also noted that in the waning months of the Obama administration leftist media had worked in tandem with leftist operatives in government to undermine the democratic system by attempting to falsely discredit Trump even before he became president.

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“And of course people like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan destroyed the credibility of the FBI and our justice system as well,” Johnson added.

The chair of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee drove home several salient points, not only about the the current political climate—and who is culpable for fostering it—but about what must be done to restore Americans’ trust in government and ancillary institutions like the mainstream media.

“The fact of the matter is that we have an unsustainable state of affairs in this country where we have tens of millions of people that do not view this election result as legitimate,” said Johnson—one of a dozen senators and more than 140 total GOP congresspeople who are supporting a challenge to the Electoral College count on Wednesday.

“We’ve just come off of four years where the other side refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of President Trump, and here we are again,” Johnson noted, while barely scratching the surface on the gaslighting media’s repeated denial of facts.

Johnson again reiterated that the vicious gyre of distrust could not continue, and that Trump backers were poised to draw a red line over the blatant theft of democracy and disfranchisement of 74 million voters.

“We have an enormous problem in this country, it’s unsustainable, and the only way you solve it is with information and transparency and hearings and investigations,” he said. “It’s not quackery, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s what is going to be required.”

He appealed to Todd’s deeply repressed sense of fairness and what must, at one time, have been the curiosity and drive to investigate which led him, ostensibly, into the field of journalism.

“All we’re saying is as long as someone will be objecting to this and we’re going to be taking a vote, let’s propose a solution in terms of transparency, investigation, with a commission,” he said.

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