Friday, January 27, 2023
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Rock Singer Apologizes After Criticism for Wearing ‘Indigenous’ Clothes

'I recognize the harm that ignorance can have on marginalized communities... '

(Alex Tien, Headline USA) The lead singer from a popular alt-rock band is in the process of being cancelled for wearing Native American clothing.

The lead singer of American rock band Greta Van Fleet, Josh Kiszka, has issued an apology after the woke swarm descended upon him via social media for wearing Native American clothing on stage, as well as posting pictures of himself online wearing native garb, the Daily Caller reported.

Charged by the mob with “cultural appropriation,” Kiszka was quick to take to social media to bend the knee in submission to the radical emissaries of the extremist Left.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the band’s fans recently began using the hashtag #SpeakUpGVF , demanding that the lead singer repent of his egregious sins. This meant not only issuing a public apology but also removing photos Kiszka had posted in 2017 where he had dressed in “copies of sacred Indigenous wear.”

“I’ve taken time to listen and gather my thoughts. My appreciation for Indigenous culture is bigger than myself,” the band’s frontman posted online.

“I recognize the harm that ignorance can have on marginalized communities, something I’d never want to perpetuate. Hate, disrespect and prejudice of any kind are not welcome in this community.

“As I’ve come into adulthood, I’ve been able to grow and learn,” he added. “This growth has not stopped and will not stop here.”

On top of his public apology, Kiszka pledged to donate money to indigenous causes, saying he would be giving money to the “First Nations Development Institute to help keep indigenous traditions… alive and well.”

To no one’s surprise, many online were not impressed by the singer’s apology. One courageous culture warrior tweeted, “I really do appreciate this whole #SpeakUpGVF movement, the fans behind this are amazing.

“But I’m failing to see where Josh actually takes any accountability or apologizes in his statement. Monetary donations mean nothing when your words are empty.”


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