Monday, December 11, 2023

REPORT: Moderna Had 300,000 Adverse Effects from Its COVID Vaccine

Lingering questions by some about both the efficacy and side effects long-term for mRNA type of vaccines...

Moderna had 300,000 reports of adverse effects for its COVID vaccine, a number far higher than the company reported to the Food and Drug Administration under the tracking system established to monitor vaccine side effects, according to independent investigative reporter Alex Berenson.

Formerly a reporter for the New York Times, Berenson released internal reports from IQVIA, a company retained by Moderna to track adverse effects for the COVID vaccine.

“A person with access to the presentation provided screenshots of the relevant slide, which clearly explains the 300,000 side effect reports were received over ‘a three-month span’ – not since the introduction of the vaccine in December – and differentiates between them and ‘medical information queries,’ says Berenson on his Substack web platform.

Headquartered in North Carolina, IQVIA has 74,000 employees worldwide and had $11 billion in sales last year.

The 300,000 number of reported adverse events is more than the 10,500 adverse events that were found in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System on the Health and Human Services web site.

According to a report by National File, Moderna said during a conference call this week that a third shot will “likely be necessary” as a booster for the vaccine in six months, which conflicts with previous assurances made the same day that a third booster shot would not be necessary.

Moderna’s vaccine is an mRNA vaccine that uses genetic information to trick an immune response from subjects, rather than using a weakened form of the virus.

Although mRNA has been around for over a decade, the COVID vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer mark the first use of the technology in large scale human trials.

As such there are lingering questions by some about both the efficacy and side effects long-term for mRNA type of vaccine.

Germany, France and Italy have each started “booster” shots for vaccines in response to the Delta surge of COVID, says the National File.

The New York Times reports the Biden administration is also considering a “booster” for those who have already gotten two shots of the various vaccines.

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