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POLL: Dems’ Hasty Impeachment Backfired as Trump Saw ‘Net Approval’ Boost

‘If it wasn’t painfully obvious, this partisan impeachment charade was never about protecting Democracy…’

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) With the announcement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., that his chamber intended to proceed with an impeachment trial before determining whether new witnesses will be called, one might expect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to be delighted.

“They keep taking it to court and, no, we’re not going to wait till the courts decide,” Pelosi said on Nov. 11, as noted in a recent piece by America Rising. “We can’t wait for that.”

But after stating the urgency of their hasty timetable by declaring Trump an “imminent” threat, Democrats—led by Pelosi—have been quick to backpedal, attempting to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate and, thereby, exposing their sheer political motives.

New data from the pollsters at Morning Consult confirmed this week that Democrats’ efforts last month to railroad impeachment through the House of Representatives have benefited President Donald Trump.

Its 50-state survey, which tracks whether Trump’s net approval has gone up or down since his January 2017 inauguration, indicated that the month of December was Trump’s highest for the year 2019.

The poll said the president’s positive approval remained the same, but his disapproval number had dropped a percentage point among independents.

It also found a record 58 percent of GOP voters “strongly” approving, showing that the divisive House proceedings had—as anticipated—helped Trump to shore up his base.

Consistent with other left-leaning polls that place Trump’s approval in the low 40s and disapproval in the low 50s, Morning Consult’s numbers—assuming their methods are consistent—still may accurately reveal insights into national approval trends, despite any inherent biases.

Naturally, the conservative America Rising made hay of the Left’s embarrassing reversal of fortune.

Phony Pelosi Stifles Smirk while Chiding C
Nancy Pelosi / CSPAN via Youtube

“If it wasn’t painfully obvious, this partisan impeachment charade was never about protecting Democracy,” wrote the group in a send-up that highlighted several of the hysteria-laden quotations from top Democrats during the House proceedings.

“It was a purely political attempt to satiate the Democrats’ radical base and damage President Trump heading into the 2020 elections,” it continued.

The incoming data may come as little shock since signs of the backlash had already sent the Left into a panicking tailspin once the buyer’s remorse from its cathartic self-indulgence set in.

The move immediately whittled away at their precarious majority after Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey switched parties.

Additionally, Trump campaign officials have reported that impeachment is helping drive their fundraising efforts, with Trump’s fourth-quarter haul of $46 million being roughly equal to that of Democratic front-runners Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg combined.

Even Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who led the way for the Left with $34 million last quarter, fell about $12 million short of the president.

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