Sunday, May 28, 2023
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O’Keefe: Dangerous Transgender Male Inmates Housed in Women’s Prison

'Some of these men know that they're men; they're not trying to be a woman. They just say that to come here to have sex with women during their prison sentences... '

(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA)  Literal insider video posted to social media by the O’Keefe Media Group suggests that manipulative male prisoners identifying as women are gaming the system to get incarcerated in a women’s jail.

The consequences of which are ominous.

According to controversial muckraker journalist James O’Keefe, (who, in fact, authored a book called American Muckraker), the Washington Corrections Center for Women “has been the tip of the spear with inclusivity of the prison system.”

The corrections department in Washington state caters to the transgender community, a purported female prisoner claimed in the concealed-identity footage.

Making the diversity policy dangerous, “some of these men know that they’re men; they’re not trying to be a woman. They just say that to come here to have sex with women during their prison sentences,” she explained in the interview.

She asserted that “We have men rapists, men murderers, child rapists, men who have killed women and are in prison for raping and killing women, who get put in our rooms.”

Male and female prisoners engaging in sexual relations allegedly includes assaults that go unreported, she added.

According to a second woman in the video interview, some of the transgender inmates contemplate a strategy for impregnating a female counterpart, and it’s not clear if this scenario would be consensual or nonconsensual, but would enable the female to claim she was raped in a liability lawsuit filed against WCCW.

“He’s pretty much the mastermind behind his own scandal,” she said about the scheme.

In jail slang, the cash grab is called a “million-dollar baby.”

With the ratification of far-left gender ideology, corrections officials are apparently indifferent or worse over the concerns of female prisoners who are understandably apprehensive about their personal safety, the second inmate implied.

Officials in the Democrat-controlled state did not respond to OMG’s request for comment.

O’Keefe, the former Project Veritas boss, insinuated that crowed-sourcing by the “citizen journalist OMG army” might result in administrators responding to inquiries.

On March 31, 2022, Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill that prevents public disclosure of how many biological males are being housed in women’s facilities.

“We wrestled over the decision to do this story,” O’Keefe admitted about the new video featuring the two jailhouse interviewees. “It was a painful and difficult one because despite our best efforts, the possibility of retaliation always exists. But the thought of letting this continue and allowing women who are confined to be raped with impunity was unconscionable to us. And the women themselves, knowing the risks, agreed to let their interviews be used.”

Late last month, in its first investigation since O’Keefe launched his new organization, OMG uncovered an alleged identity-theft, money-laundering operation by Democrat campaign donation aggregator ActBlue.

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