Obama-Era Whistleblower Found Dead after Warning Friends He Could Be ‘Suicided’

‘If I am found dead, it wasn’t suicide…’

Obama Era Whistleblower Found Dead After Warning Friends He Could Be 'Suicided'
Philip Haney / IMAGE: Fox News via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) An Obama-era whistleblower was found dead last week due to a “self-inflicted” gun shot wound, but law enforcement officials are still unsure whether his death can be conclusively ruled as a suicide.

Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security official, blew the whistle on his own agency after Obama officials forced him to delete dozens of records from the DHS system that tracked Islamic militant extremists and supporters of sharia law within the U.S.

On Friday, Haney was found dead by the side of the road in the area of Highway 124 and Highway 16 in Plymouth, Calif.

“Upon their arrival, they located and identified 66-year-old Philip Haney, who was deceased and appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound,”  the Amador County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “A firearm was located next to Haney and his vehicle. This investigation is active and ongoing. No further details will be released at this time.”

Despite declaring it in the initial statement to have been a “self-inflicted” injury, the sheriff’s office later clarified that it was an ongoing investigation and had not been deemed a suicide conclusively.

It said the investigation into Haney’s death was ongoing, noting that “no determination will be made until all evidence is examined and analyzed.” The FBI is reportedly assisting the investigation.

Haney’s friends, however, have warned that Haney could be the victim of foul play.

Haney, who authored several books and prominent articles on the radical Islamic incursion in America, had “never been happier” than he was this year and was planning a return to the public eye, according to some of his friends who recently spoke to him.

One added that there’s “no way he would have taken his own life,” according to NoQReport.

Haney reportedly feared being “suicided,” the outlet reported, and even told friends at one point, “If I am found dead, it was’t suicide.”

Even Republican Rep. Steve King argued that there’s no way Haney would have taken his own life.

In 2016, Haney testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and said that Obama’s DHS ordered him to delete hundreds of files of people with ties to Islamist terrorist groups. He even argued that several terrorists attacks could have been prevented if certain files had not been scrubbed.

Haney was reportedly in talks with the DHS about returning to the agency, and was working on his second book about his experience as a whistleblower.

At least one conservative site, Frontpage Mag, linked Haney’s death with what some fear could be a sustained deep-state counter-attack to silence the opponents and critics of a globalist new world order.

“The coup clan failed to removed Trump from office and may now be convinced that Trump will be reelected,” it wrote. “So it is entirely possible that the death of DHS whistleblower Phil Haney was the first shot fired in the deep state coverup.”

Liberty Headlines’ Ben Sellers contributed to this report.


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