Saturday, January 28, 2023
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NYTimes Turns Against Biden Admin for Poor Treatment of Illegals

'I never saw more damning quotes from immigration advocacy groups and human rights groups during the Trump years than—as I saw yesterday towards this administration...'

(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) In an unexpected turn of events, New York Times reporter Michael Shear asked several pertinent questions concerning the crisis at the southern border in a White House Press conference.

Shear even went as far as calling out the Biden administration for its poor treatment of illegal immigrants—which, according to the Daily Wire, more humanitarian groups have raised concerns about than when former President Donald Trump was in charge.

“I never saw more damning quotes from immigration advocacy groups and human rights groups during the Trump years than — as I saw yesterday towards this administration,” Shear said.

He cited a quote from a refugee group who called the Biden admin’s recent immigration policies “a humanitarian disgrace.”

“That was echoed across the board in literally scores of emails I got from every humanitarian group,” Shear continued. “What do you all—what does the administration say to the overwhelming consensus from people who advocate on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees and migrants that what the president did yesterday was ‘a humanitarian disgrace’?”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby insisted that things were going well from their point of view.

“Well, obviously, we take a different view,” Kirby argued.

He insisted that Biden was working to strike a balance between encouraging legal immigration and halting illegal immigration and securing the border.

Later, Jean-Pierre called on Shear, who once again brought up the issue.

“The advocacy folks and the community of people who are lawyers and advocates and humanitarian experts, what they would say is the president is using the tools, and he’s using them in a harsh and unbalanced way,” Shear said.

Shear also mentioned that several lawsuits would likely be filed against the administration, much like those Trump faced during his presidency.

He argued that this put the Biden administration in a very awkward position going forward, as they have continually attempted to distance themselves from Trump.

“I—I have to say, Michael, I take—look, I understand what you’re saying,” Jean-Pierre objected.

“But I do take — you know, I do take issue with comparing us to Donald Trump, who … ” she added before briefly trailing off.

When Jean-Pierre managed to collect herself, she accused Trump of removing children from their parents and claimed “this is not this president,” and again attempting to create distance between themselves and the previous administration.

Separating children from their supposed families at the border was a temporary measure to ensure the children were actually with their parents and not slave traders or coyotes who might do them harm.

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