Thursday, February 2, 2023
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NYTimes Crowns Frankenstein Fetterman One of Year’s ‘Most Stylish’ People

'John Fetterman is a slob who makes a seasoned hobo look like an Armani model, but he has the right politics... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) From the same mainstream media mindset that redefined abortion and recession to comport with the Biden regime’s narrative, the New York Times has declared John Fetterman to be one of the year’s “most stylish” people.

The hoodie-wearing, monosyllabic Democrat Senator-elect from Pennsylvania received the honors from the fake news stalwart’s list of 93 honorees that also included the likes of Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams, affirmative-action hire Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“The senator-elect from Pennsylvania is going to bring Carhartt to the Capitol,” the Times proclaimed.

“High and low. Fun and serious. Curious and open-minded. Reveling in characters. Appreciating the material world. Inviting everyone to the party,” the Times wrote to describe its list of stylish winners. “We welcome dissent. But we are, without a doubt, correct.”

The media organ was mercilessly mocked on social media for trying to convince the American public that the parent’s basement-dwelling troll chic of the Lurch replica actually rated a place for style on the fashion spectrum.

“Masks work. Men can get pregnant. All White people are racist. So Sure Why not?” tweeted WorldStrat president Jim Hanson.

“Why are we not surprised the NYT thinks a guy who dresses like a bum is stylish?” asked the Daily Caller.

“Just when you think the Failing New York Times can’t sink any lower, they list Fetterman among ‘most stylish’ people,” wrote Newsmax contributor Jenna Ellis. “In a culture that has zero standards, believes wrong is right, and can’t define what a woman is, of course an ogre in a plain hoodie is ‘stylish.’”

RedState’s Bonchie torched the blatant gaslighting as yet another example of the mainstream media trying to peddle a narrative that paints the far-Left in a favorable light.

“The goal here isn’t honesty. Rather, it’s to destroy any sense of normalcy you’ve ever enjoyed,” Bonchie wrote. “Do you believe that men are men and women are women? Well, the left has 72 genders to force down your throat.

“John Fetterman is a slob who makes a seasoned hobo look like an Armani model, but he has the right politics.”

“They want to subvert aesthetic because they hate beauty, because they hate truth. It’s actually deep,” said Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “The ugly is beautiful.”

Countered Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“I think you’re way better dressed than John Fetterman, the trust-fund brat in a hoodie. I don’t even think it’s close. My vote’s with you.”

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