Major Cities Paint 'Black Lives Matter' on Streets

‘We all have a shared goal that this is something bigger than ourselves…’

Charlotte Follows D.C., Paints 'Black Lives Matter' on City Street
Black Lives Matter in Charlotte, North Carolina, via Twitter @HBGranttCenter

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Activists are painting the phrase “Black Lives Matter” on city streets across the nation, including in Albany, Berkeley, Charlotte, Dallas, New York City, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Syracuse, and Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” Forbes reported.
A Charlotte city official teamed up with community artists to paint “Black Lives Matter” on a city street.
Taiwo Jaiyeoba, Assistant City Manager and Chief City Planner for the city of Charlotte, tweeted on June 5th about organizing the partisan political demonstration on public property, WCNC reported.
“Imagine for a few minutes that we can “art-ify” the intersection of Trade and Tryon with “Black Lives Matter!” And leave it in that space for 2 weeks,” Jaiyeoba said. “Wouldn’t that send a strong message?!”
He said he was inspired to paint “Black Lives Matter!” on the street after seeing that Washington D.C. Mayor ordered the District’s Public Works Department to paint “Black Lives Matter” on 16th Avenue, near the White House.
Then Charlotte Mayor Vy Lyles approved Jaiyeoba’s plan, and “Charlotte is Creative” offered to partner with him.

17 local artists agreed to design and paint one unique character each.
“I came up with Deadpool because considering everything going on right now, it’s pride month, you’ve got the black lives matter movement, and he’s like one of the more outspoken, radical superheroes,” said artist Garrison Gist who was assigned the letter, “K.”
Charlotte artist Kyle Mosher designed the letter “I.”
“We all have a shared goal that this is something bigger than ourselves, right, tossing ego and everything aside and the fact that we were able to get 18 plus artists to come together in 48 hours, and have a design approved with zero revisions is really a testament to the city, the artists, and the people involved,” he said.
Despite Jaiyeoba’s intention to leave “Black Lives Matter!” on the street for two weeks, the artists painted in the same paint that road workers use, so the paint will remain until Charlotte repaves the road.
The domestic terrorists who have taken control in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone painted “Black Lives Matter” on an entire city block, KIRO reported.

Activists in Raleigh, North Carolina painted “End Racism Now” on Martin Street.

Activists in Sacramento, California painted “Black Lives Matter” on the Capitol Mall, which leads to the state Capitol.


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