NBA Team Hires Pro-BLM Announcer to Replace ‘All Lives Matter’ Announcer

Sacramento Kings fired Grant Napear for political incorrectness...

The Sacramento Kings, an NBA team in the Western conference, fired announcer Grant Napear and replaced him with far-left ESPN sportscaster Mark Jones, OutKick reported.

Napear tweeted, “ALL LIVES MATTER…EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!,” as the Black Lives Matter movement swept the nation with its anti-family, anti-white, anti-American agenda, KTXL reported.

By contrast, Mark Jones, who earns about $2 million a year, called the police racist and told them to go away.

“Police never saved me. Never helped me,” Jones tweeted. “Never protected me. Never taken a bullet for me. (They’ve pulled guns on me) Never kept me safe in a protest. Never stopped the racist from taking my Black Lives Matter flag off my house. I could do without em. fr.”

He repeated false and dangerous sentiments that cause black Americans to fear the police.

“Saturday at my football game I’ll tell the police officer on duty to ‘protect’ me he can just take the day off,” he added. “[For real] I’d rather not have the officer shoot me because he feared for his life because of my black skin or other dumb ish. I’m not signing my own death certificate.”

But Jones has accepted help from police officers when they benefited him.

Jones liked the police when they afforded him privileges unavailable to ordinary citizens.

But now his featured image on Twitter has a Black Lives Matter slogan and a raised black power fist, two images that show hatred for the police.

Far-left political ideology has turned Jones into an all-around nasty person.

He has “liked” posts that celebrated the the Nick Bosa’s torn ACL, which could end his career, because the player supports President Donald Trump.


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