Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Nation Faces Litany of Voter-Law Changes as Soros’s Sec. of State Plan Pays Off

'I think the voters really gave us a mandate to continue to be a leader in the democracy business...'

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) America faces a litany of legal changes to its voting system as the result of the cosmopolitan oligarch George Soros’s Secretary of State takeover plan in the 2022 election.

State legislatures have not even met yet, and, at a minimum, 100 bills altering election integrity have been filed in only eight states, reported Politico.

Three secretaries of state, elected under the Soros’s strategy and campaign funding, are seeking to transform the electoral process of three key swing states into automatic victories for leftists.

Soros’s secretary of state plan was crafted in 2006 and revived for the 2022 elections in Michigan, Minnesota and Nevada.

The plan, first rolled out in 2006, is to flood the typically unfunded secretary of state races with cash for Democrat candidates, thus ensuring that Democrats control the rules of the election. In 2022 the plan was carried out by the super PAC known as The Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, which was projected to spend around $22 million on secretary of state races.

Following the plan, Democrat secretary of state candidates outspent Republican candidates 57 to 1 in 2022 elections. As Democrats were outspending Republicans by massive margins, the mainstream media was losing its collective mind over the possibility that Republicans could win secretary of state races, as previously reported.

The plan worked. Key swing states saw Democrats elected to the secretary of state positions, and in turn, Democrats promised to attack election integrit.

Democrats are keeping those promises, according to Politico. Victories in three key swing states (Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan) have cleared a path for election reform that may enable Democrat victories in the 2024 election and beyond.

In Pennsylvania, for example, the state is seeking to enable mail-in ballots by speeding up its processing of those ballots.

Unfortunately, mail-in voting risks destroying electoral integrity by accident, weather, fraud, or even party supervision of voting, as previously reported. Mail-in voting means voters are voting without the whole picture.

In Pennsylvania hundreds of thousands of voters cast mail-in ballots before the debate that demonstrated stroke victim Democrat John Fetterman, who won, could not speak coherently, a rather important skill for someone in the world’s most deliberative body.

Steve Simon, Minnesota’s Democrat secretary of state, touted the result of Soros’s Secretary of State plan.

“I think the voters really gave us a mandate to continue to be a leader in the democracy business, in Minnesota,” he said.

Simon intends to use that “mandate” to advocate for allowing felons to vote and for automatic voter registration. The latter grants citizens the responsibility of electing officials without proving themselves responsible enough to register to vote.

In Michigan, newly elected Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson also said she plans to radicalize the state’s electoral system. Benson, like Simon, wants automatic registration.

The Michigan secretary of state, like Pennsylvania, is working to further enable mail in voting. She is seeking to give Michiganders paid postage for mail-in ballots, ensure nine early voting days and provide access to ballot drop boxes to all citizens.

The Secretary of State plan has worked, and it is being used to produce what Politico called in 2008 a “Dem Firewall,” in key swing states.

Some states are seeking common sense changes to strengthen their electoral integrity. Georgia is seeking to reform its runoff process and Ohio is seeking to produce more strict voter ID laws.

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