Saturday, September 23, 2023

Woke Attack on Kirk Cameron’s Christian Story Hour Backfires

'Thank you for coming and making this such a special event today... '

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Actor Kirk Cameron’s debut story hour for his Christian storybook — a healthy alternative to the degenerate drag queen story hour — that took place at the Indianapolis Public Library brought a huge crowd of people tired of the woke nonsense.

Video footage of the event showed Cameron being escorted by police to the throng of an overflow crowd, according to Just the News.

Zac Bell, the chief of staff of publisher Brave Books, said that approximately 1,000 people went to the library to hear Cameron read from his children’s book As You Grow, and the same number of people were standing outside of the building since there were too many people inside already, the Washington Times reported.

“Thank you for coming and making this such a special event today,” Cameron said. “Find Brave Books. I’m sure there are so many of them here at this library. Read them to your kids. God bless you and Happy New Year.”

After he reported on the event on his Twitter account, Ryan Wilson, a man who lives in Indianapolis, got into an argument with the library and another Twitter user who reposted the library’s comment that questions the number of people who attended the event.

“We are being inaccurately portrayed in news/social after a room rental yesterday. Our estimated door count during the event is around 750, not 2500,” the library tweeted.

“We’ve had larger events. We turn 150 yrs old in 2023. And our auditorium, which our guests chose not to rent, holds 300, not 2000.”

Wilson debunked the claim of the library officials who tried to downplay the number of sane people who want to hear Cameron speak.

“Deflecting argument. Parking garage reportedly closed at some point. Cap is 397. Unaware of mix of other patrons…we walked four blocks to get to the event,” he wrote.
“Is that 150 street parking spots? If we estimate 250 garage spots and 150 street spots, and average four per car, 1.6k 1/.”
Brave Books said that, in December, when Cameron tried to find a library where it would be possible to talk about good, Christian values, leftist library officials either ignored or told him that they wouldn’t allow him in their libraries, Just the News reported.
Instead of faith-oriented stories by Cameron, these libraries decided that it would be a better idea to push sexual degeneracy and deviancy.
Cameron also revealed that the library in Indianapolis initially didn’t want him to have an event, but allowed him to do it after facing the pressure from the public.
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