Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Musk’s AI to Hold Politicians Accountable for Spending Sprees

'Grok will summarize these mammoth laws before they are passed by Congress...'

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Twitter owner Elon Musk might soon provide a remedy to expose Congress’s efforts to secretly push through large pieces of legislation without allowing Americans to scrutinize and review their contents. 

Musk announced on Monday that his artificial intelligence chatbot, Grok, will feature the capability to summarize what he termed as “mammoth laws.” 

In a Friday tweet amassing nearly 45 million views, Musk said: “In the coming weeks, Grok will summarize these mammoth laws before they are passed by Congress, so you know what their real purpose is.” Musk said on Friday in a tweet, earning nearly 45 million views.

Musk’s commitment came after the House and Senate rushed a government funding bill which was subsequently signed into law by President Joe Biden. The bill effectively funds the federal government through March 8 and March 22. 

Grok is as one of the largest AI chatbots in the U.S. Diverging from other bots, such as Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard) and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Grok attempts to provide unbiased information to its users, Musk has implied. Grok is currently available to Twitter-paid subscribers. 

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., one of the most outspoken critics of Congress’s extravagant spending, responded to Musk’s commitment. 

“Can’t we already determine a bill’s purpose simply by reading its name and assuming it will do the opposite?” Massie replied in a sarcastic Tweet. “On a serious note, my staff and I labor to predict the ‘effect’ of a bill even when I know its ‘purpose.’ This sounds like a great tool though!”

Former presidential candidate and biotech mogul Vivek Ramaswamy hailed Musk’s commitment as a “smart use case of AI.” 

When Republicans secured the majority in 2022, the then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., changed congressional rules to give members 72 hours to review legislation before bringing them to the House floor.

“I’m trying to change Washington,” McCarthy declared on June 7, 2023. “No more thousand-page bills. Everyone gets at least 72 hours to read legislation. When you make changes like that, it’s disruptive. Republicans are going to make this place work better. And we’re going to do it together.”

Before McCarthy’s tenure, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sidestepped such a rule.

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